27.12A Transmission (Compilation mixed by Dubfire – SCI+TEC)

Who wants some Techno for Xmas? We do! We do!

Well Dubfire has delivered the goods right in time with this incredible compilation on his record label SCI+TEC.

SCI+TEC is home to some of our favourite artists here at NOYZ including Carlo Lio, The Junkies, SHADED and obviously Dubfire himself. The label has consistently discovered and developed new and exciting artists and helped them to reach their full potential. The music that we hear from the label is always pushing the boundaries and driving techno forward which is what Dubfire has always done in his own career as an artist.

The compilation spans across many genres and is a selection of both new unreleased music and some classics. Its a really interesting listen and gives you an insight into Dubfires music tastes outside of techno.

You can preview and purchase the complete compilation on Beatport by clicking here.

We couldn’t decide on one particular track as our favourite so we chose TWO! It is Xmas after all, well maybe Xmas has gone but we can drag it out a little further if it means more techno! Thats fair enough right?

Here is our first pick of the bunch from our New Horizons compadre Justin James. Justin is a very talented producer and has some huge releases planned for 2013 so keep your eyes and ears peeled. City Club is a dark stomper that just grooves and kicks in all the right places! Check it out below.

Here is our second selection from the one and only Carlo Lio. This track just has everything and the title is very fitting as it does literally keep grooving from start to finish. Relentless techno at its best and you really need to hear this in a club to appreciate how ridiculously good it is.

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21.12Ruben Mandolini – Crime

Four days out from non stop food, family that you hardily ever see, and the T.V. scheduling that could be organised by a five year old. Yes Christmas is now only just around the corner and you know us here at NOYZ would want to get you in the Festive spirit by dropping some new found BOMB knowledge your way…

Italian born Ruben Mandolini was bitten by the music bug at the tender age of 13 with his weapon of choice being keyboards and modular synths, since then his passion has grew along with his skill. He was born in Prato in 82′ so as Ruben was growing up he was in an era where House music and Techno were finding a home in many Italian clubs. Tuscany soon became Mandolini’s home from home where he learnt his craft as a DJ and performer and soon became resident for Club999.

Ruben has had releases on labels such as Snatch! Records, Material Series, and Lapsus Music. He has followed suit in his productions making dark House and tough Techno based House, just what the dance floor ordered! His tracks are played by some of the biggest DJs around stretching from Pete Tong and Riva Starr to Butch and Paco Osuna.

Crime follows on from where Ruben’s past releases have lead him, more considered, well thought out grooves, clever fx and, a fan favourite at NOYZ, skippy drums. It is out now on Unclear Records, make sure you grab yourself a copy! Enjoy!

Buy the release from Beatport here

Check out Ruben’s latest tracks by following his soundcloud

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16.12Victor Calderone – Into The Void (Arjun Vagale Remix)

Arjun Vagale delivers yet another BOMB! We first posted about Arjun last month after his track “Lets Go” really caught our attention. This remix for Victor Calderone on his label Waveform Recordings follows on from “Lets Go” perfectly. The track has a constant pulsing low end that would really work a crowd into a frenzy and the groove is very tight. All of the elements in the track just sit in the right place working together to produce a very solid slice of peak time techno.

We are not surprised Victor employed Arjun’s remix skills for the latest release on his label. The label has had some very solid releases this year including a huge remix from NOYZ favourites The Junkies. The track that Arjun has remixed is actually an original track by the label boss himself and is a huge track in its own right which you can check out here. The package will be available on Beatport on December 18th.

Check out Arjun’s remix below.

We are looking forward to interviewing Arjun soon and can’t wait to hear what he has planned for the future. Of course we hope it involves plenty more tracks of this calibre!

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13.12Kareem Cali – Kick Back (Rawthentic)

Powerful production at the hands of Brooklyn’s own Kareem Cali, part of the new wave of Techno and Tech-House producers.

Cali prides himself on breaking New York’s common mould of what good House music is. Owner of fast rising label ‘Inmotion Music‘ releasing tracks from huge artists such as Butch, Philip Arruda, &ME, Hermanez, and Ron Costa to name a few!

With this calibre of music going through his label every few weeks it is no surprise that Kareem is more than capable of making tracks on this kind of tip to rock the dance floor. Recently releasing on The Junkies‘ label Local Music with a track called ‘Metric Crown’ gives you an incite into Kareem’s intentions towards the future… I see more big Techno BOMBS on the horizon!

Carlo Lio‘s Rawthentic has released a six track addition to the already successful Raw Exposed compilation series. Raw Exposed 4 houses some of the newest, freshest Techno I have heard recently. Tracks from the likes of Bjorn Wolf, Josh Butler, and Deltano. However it is this one from Kareem that really hits home for us here at NOYZ. I am positive you will agree!

Check out the full release on Beatport by clicking here

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9.12NOYZ Podcast 002 – WHYT NOYZ

Hey Guys,

So we have been busy this weekend compiling the latest NOYZ Podcast.

It features many of the tracks that we have supported on the website over the last month. Included are tracks from Ron Costa, Carlo Lio, The Junkies, Coyu, Nick Olivetti and three of our own WHYT NOYZ tracks that we just finished in the last couple of weeks.

The podcast is downloadable. We would welcome your feedback as always!

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8.12DJ Le Roi – Heartbreaker (Clio Remix)

We pride ourselves on posting the most up front tracks here at NOYZ but every once in a while a track is bound to slip through the net.

It’s even more surprising as we are always keeping our eyes and ears out for new Clio tracks! His track “Into The Disco” on Saved is still one of our favourite tracks all year. Anyway, better late than never! I came across this remix whilst looking through Matthias Tanzmann‘s chart on Beatport this morning and have had it on repeat ever since.

Clio has a very distinct style and all of his tracks have a signature groove and bassline which form the foundation. From that foundation its all about the funk and soul which come through in abundance and keep the listener grooving along all the way through. Maybe its his French roots which are providing the FUNK! We have been really impressed with his music all year and expect great things for him in the future.

Check out the remix and see if you agree!

You can buy the remix on Noir Music on Beatport by clicking here.

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Check out this naughty podcast from Clio. We love it and we love the random photo of a cat smelling a big fat bud!

7.12Nick Olivetti & Chase Buch – Essa Hei (Allì Borèm remix)

WOW. It’s always nice on a Friday afternoon when you come across an amazing track that gets you in the mood for the weekend that lies ahead.

Italian producer Allì Borèm is one of the rising stars of the underground. A release schedule that boasts heavyweight labels such as Desolat, Kling Klong, Rawthentic and Suara demonstrates how highly he is regarded amongst some of the biggest names in our scene. It’s hard to believe that he has just turned twenty years old but this is no fluke. He has been heavily involved in music since a young age and throughout his life developed a strong passion for electronic music. Allì has managed to create a unique sound that really stands out to us here at NOYZ. His tracks have a serious thump in the low end just where we like it and he works with vocals in a very clever and creative way.

We spoke to Allì about his remix and he gave us some insight into how he approached the remix and what he has in store for his label Root 50 in the coming months.

He told us “The remix is definitely a step forward and also a preview of what will be released in the coming months. jump back to the roots, analog stuff … I want to go bright and warm sounds, experimenting, without a computer or digital sequencer”

“Comin up on root50, Nikola Gala, Franco Cinelli, Hector, tINI, AlexKid and some newcome like RandallM

This remix from Allì is for NOYZ favourite Nick Olivetti & Chase Buch and is available to buy now on Kling Klong. All four tracks on the release are to the usual high standard we have come to expect from Kling Klong and you should definitely check the whole package out.

Here is Allì’s remix,

You can buy the release on Beatport by clicking here

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7.12Paul Strive – Century Falls (Sabb Remix)

Good morning people!!

For some reason I woke before my alarm and I couldn’t figure out why?… Well turns out it was to find this little beaut!

Sabb‘s style is one that is respected by DJs and loved by fans. His remixes seriously demonstrate this, you can see how he turns solid tracks into straight underground BANGERS!! Sabb’s real name, Sabri Kastrati was born in Prishtina, Kosovo’s largest city. A guy that has natural rhythm and energy in his blood and, being only 25 years young, a long production road ahead. If you browse through Sabb’s back catalogue you will find that he can create sounds all over the underground house spectrum, from House and Tech-House, to Deep-House and Techno. Yes you guessed it, personally we love his dark, tribal, drum ridden vibes. He has seen his releases out on such labels as 303Lovers, Great Stuff Recordings, and his own SK Supreme Records. Remixing for the likes of Carlo Lio, Gary Beck, and Hector Couto of late will get big praise from a lot of people, especially us here at NOYZ.

The track supplied today is out on Definitive Recordings, it is Sabb’s remix of Paul Strive’s ‘Century Falls’. Vocal licks, thick drums, natural swing, and stomping low end is the perfect package to get any of you shuffling in your seat!


Check out Sabb’s back catalogue here

Also all things Definitive here

As always, if you love the music share it!


5.12Fer BR – Welcome To Rawland (LOCAL)

We get just a little excited when we see a new release from The Junkies record label Local Music Group. Why is that? Well take a listen to the back catalogue that is full of straight up BOMBS and you will understand.

The latest release on the label is the second instalment of the Strange Neighbours compilation series. We supported many of the tracks from Volume 1 of the series which was released last July and so we knew what to expect from Volume 2. To say it has delivered would be an understatement. Its a compilation full of forward thinking techno that packs a serious punch. The tracks all have a serious groove to them whilst retaining that flowing energy that seems to be present across the majority of the releases on the label.

Whilst all tracks stand up we really felt this little gem from Spanish producer Fer BR stood out. We have been very impressed with Fer BR. After following his releases throughout the year we could hear his sound developing and then his E.P release on our favourite Frenchman Ron Costa‘s Potobolo Records in October really stepped things up a gear. This track for Local titled “Welcome To Rawland” follows on from his Potobolo release perfectly and has left us eager to hear what else is in store from this young producer. Its a solid slice of Techno just how we love it, groovy, skippy, dark, you know the drill!

Anyway enough chat, onto the music.

The full compilation will be released on December 10th and you can check out the other tracks on the Local Music Group Soundcloud page by clicking here.

As always please support and share the music!



4.12Sidney Charles – House Lesson (Chris Carrier Remix)

Whether you like full on Techno toughness or consider yourself more of a casual House-head, I am sure both parties will savour this next track we have in store for you.

Chris Carrier is a machine ladies and gents, there is no two ways about it. With over a hundred releases out on a long list of labels dating back to the early 2000′s, Chris is on a tear! C.C pushes the creative boundaries of his music so much that he happily spills into other genres. The French producer has dabbled with tracks from House to Hip-Hop, Minimal to Techno, and even Drum n Bass! A lot of people could regard this as a wild approach when trying to make a name for yourself in the music scene, though that has never been a thing high on Chris’ priority list.

The track consists of a modern House groove with strings that constantly build tension, couple that with his infectious vocal licks stolen from the original makes this BOMB-bound all the way!!!

Germany’s own Mr. Sidney Charles created the original track ‘House Lesson’ but for us here at NOYZ it is the remix which twists a great track into a more underground Tech-House pumper.

The track is released on Sante‘s Avotre, a label he has established this year thanks to a host of serious releases, and we are sure thanks to the man himself, that things will only get bigger after people hear this!!

Buy the release from Beatport here

Check out Chris’ discography here

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