30.11Nick Olivetti – Olympia (Trapez)

Well what a naughty little groover this is!

You may have gathered that at NOYZ we love groove, bass, drums, clever vocals and just crazy shit in general and this track from Nick Olivetti delivers all of those in abundance. Nick is a fantastic producer and he has really mastered the art of keeping things simple and really focusing on a tracks groove. This is very evident when you listen to one of his tracks as its impossible to sit still! Along with the solid grooves that he provides you get a very crisp and defined sound that just sounds awesome on a big sound system.

This track titled “Olympia” is released on Trapez. Trapez have a habit of releasing amazing groove based records like this that are made for the dance floor, we always look forward to the new releases on the label and you should take a closer look at their back catalogue as it is full of gems like this one from Nick!

Also make sure to check out the other track on the E.P titled “Dr Strangelove” and the excellent remix of Olympia by Will Monotone.

You can buy the full release on Beatport by clicking here

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26.11Ron Costa – Gez Uri / Matu Lso

One of our favourite producers of the new age Techno scene. A forward thinker whose productions stand out for all the right reasons…

Mr. Ron Costa, France’s own Techno BOMB manufacturer. He who boasts releases on some of the major labels in the game such as; Poker Flat Recordings, Break New Soil, Local Music, Rawthentic, and his own Potobolo Records of which he started in 2008. When it comes to production Costa focuses on sound more so than the music itself, for it is his sound design and cleverly unexpected sample choices that make him stand out. Somehow he manages to always create such groove with minimal beats, not only that but from a producer’s perspective the kind of bottom end that Ron creates should be illegal!

Here is another release on his Potobolo Records released today! Once again this one does not disappoint! The EP consists of two tracks each strong in their own right, the reason behind choosing Matu Lso is down to everything I have talked about with Costa’s style: unexpected, clever, and groovy. All the ingredients you need to make the dance floor turn into FRENZY mode! For this track Costa uses chunky low percussive shots and bass sounds to sit tightly around his thick kick drums, this coupled with his clever use of drum automation and fx fills constantly keep the track exciting. You are about to listen to what  the French Native does best…. Create banging Techno!

Be sure the also checkout Gez Uri for a lead sound like no other!

Check out the full release here

Check out Potobolo Records discography here

Check out Ron Costa’s own website here

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24.11Alex Costa – Night Garden E.P

What a bomb E.P to get the weekend started from Alex Costa.

Alex is an extremely consistent producer who always delivers huge tracks that have huge amounts of energy. He really knows how to make a track groove and this E.P is a great testament to that!

The E.P is being released on Kaiserdisco‘s label KD Music. In less than a year KD music has grown to become a widely supported label that is really pushing new producers and great tech house and techno. Definitely a label to keep an eye on if you are a fan of the huge groovy and energetic tracks that we are used to hearing from Kaiserdisco themselves!

We usually pick one track from an E.P but we really struggled with this one as all three tracks are fantastic. It just so happens that Alex handily uploaded a soundcloud track which gives you clips of all three! Check it out below!

You can buy the full release on Beatport by clicking here

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21.11Shlomi Aber – We Don’t Fit (Rear Gear EP)

Right then, back to Techno!

Who better to welcome us back than one of Techno’s own forward thinking pioneers, Shlomi Aber.

Israeli born Aber has wisely used his time as a world famous DJ and producer to create a sound like no other. His beats are stripped back with key percussive parts off set throughout to add groove that only Shlomi seems to be able to manifest. Drum sound selection is so important in production, to be able to make a drum kit from different samples sound like it is part of something real is so difficult, Aber does this effortlessly. It is the time spent doing this that allows his tracks to be more minimal without ever becoming boring. Aber’s style has grew over 15 years of hands on experience, he takes the best parts out of a host of genres that inspire him; Jazz, Funk, House, and Minimal. Aber also was heavily inspired by the old-school Detroit Techno movement.

Shlomi has seen his tracks released on Cocoon, Desolat, Ovum, and Renaissance, as well as his own label Be As One Imprint. A label that has gained so many good releases over the years and tonnes of fans thanks to it’s broad range of quality underground House and Techno.

The track we are supplying you with today is from the Rear Gear E.P. out now on Cadenza Lab. Shlomi once again has hit home another one of his patented Techno groovers, laden with snippets of hip-hop vocals really keeps the flow interesting and the track’s feeling live. The track is called We Don’t Fit which is ironic seeing as Aber’s sound is so unique in today’s vast Techno landscape!

“No matter if it’s hard or soft, it just needs to touch your mind, body and soul at the same time.”

Shlomi Aber.

You can get the full release here

Also check Shlomi’s discography here

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17.11Simone Burrini – Simplosive (Luca Bear Remix)

After a crazy night watching Hector, Guti, Tini and Mr Loco Dice himself destroy Gibb Street Warehouse in Birmingham last night I am feeling a little bit delicate today. This track however has saved the day and perked me right up ready for round two!

Luca Bear is another producer who we have a lot of admiration for at NOYZ. Luca’s production seems to improve with every release and he has a distinct sense of groove that really shines through in his tracks. He has released music on some great labels including Bla Bla, Viva Music, Robsoul and one of our favourite labels here at NOYZ, Gregor Tresher‘s Break New Soil.

This particular track is a remix for Simone Burrini on Moan Recordings. Moan are a young label that formed at the end of 2011 however they have already grown a long list of admirers for their consistently strong releases. We are definitely on that list and always get excited when they release new music. This particular release doesn’t disappoint, all six tracks are excellent but for us its the huge bassline, off beat snares and overall groove of Luca’s remix that literally had me fist pumping the air whist I was sat on my own writing this post!

Here is a clip of the remix.

You can buy the full release including Luca’s remix on Beatport by clicking here.

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16.11Chiqito – Space (Original)

One from the new breed of techno producers, Chiqito!

His real name Acsai Attila aka ‘Chiqito’ was born in Hungary, Budapest in 87′. This new school producer takes a bit of the best from each genre; House, Tech-House, and Techno. His tracks have the groove yet hold so much strength in the bottom end. Clever breakdowns and fx lead the listener into a dreamlike soundscape, Chiqito uses vocal stabs sunk in reverb along with delays to open up the track and give it room to breathe before his live drum fills suck you back into the groove!

If you listen to Chiqito’s back catalogue of releases he predominantly leans more towards a Tech-House style. He has released on such labels as Root 50 and SK-Supreme. What catches our attention is his clever use of hip-hop vocals peppered into the mix, this adds hooks that keep the groove rolling and keep listeners wanting more. His tracks also have so much weight in the bottom end, this forces his mixes from the Back-Room of the club towards Main-Room status. This is what we listen for here at NOYZ, clever productions and forward thinking producers that push genres’ boundaries to the limits!

The track we have picked to spoil you with today is on his ‘Kick The Door‘ EP on Monique Speciale. The A side of the EP is a track co-produced by Fabio Ferro (Salerno-based Italian producer). It is however the B side where Chiqito solely produces this track ‘Space‘.

You can buy the full release on Beatport here

Check out more of Monique Speciale’s tracks and news here

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14.11Secret Cinema vs Max D-Loved – Wow Cat (The Junkies Remix)

Today we deliver a slice of techno from two of our favourite producers – The Junkies

This remix which was released this week on Sian‘s Octopus Records has the trademark sound of The Junkies all over it. Like any track that is produced by these guys the low end of the track thumps hard, whilst the live drums and clever chopped vocals keep the track grooving along nicely. You have probably noticed how much love we have for a certain Carlo Lio and its really no surprise that Carlo and The Junkies are close friends. All are Toronto natives and have become label mates on Dubfire‘s SCI+TEC label.

The Junkies also have their own label Local Music which has seen some excellent releases and is growing rapidly. One of our favourite techno releases of this year, Ron Costa – La Cage Invisible was released on the label in January of this year with a remix from none other than Carlo Lio & The Junkies. Make sure you check it out if you love stomping techno (which obviously you do as you are reading this website)

Right enough chat here is the remix in all its glory.

You can buy the full release including the great original by Secret Cinema vs Max DLoved by clicking here

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13.11Ramon Tapia – 411

Ramon Tapia,

A heavy favourite here at NOYZ and one whose sound is a reflection of his intentions towards the dance floor.. “Pumping!!” If you have followed Tapia throughout his releases over the last few years you will understand just how much momentum this Belgium ‘Bomb’ Maker has gained. With a host of hot releases on such labels as Great Stuff, Monique Musique, Turbo Rec, and Strictly Rhythm, Tapia has started the Winter Season with a bang.

This release is out on Ramon’s Say What? records, a label that he started this year full of his own pumping swingy Techno and Tech-House along with remixes from some of the hottest producers in the game. Ramon does what he does best on this release using relentless loops to constantly build tension, dark vocals that contrast the break to the main groove, and also his staple off beat snares that funk up his drums so well. That kind of swing is what makes Tapia’s productions impossible to stand still to. His use of vocals and constantly automated filters lets the track breathe and allows momentum to gain before exploding into his addictive groove. We here at NOYZ love that fine line between Tech-House and Techno, and here Ramon should be proud knowing that he has created something that has a firm foot in both. Unescapable grooves!

Also on the EP release is Sante‘s remix, do not miss this either he pulls the remix into somewhere deep that I am sure you guys will love.

You can purchase the full release on Beatport by simply clicking here

Check out more of SayWhat? records by clicking here

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8.11Santé – That Girl

Since Santé‘s first release in 2007 he has steadily established himself as one of the most promising talents in the underground. He has seen support from such heavyweights as Steve Lawler, Sven Väth, Carlo Lio and now his latest release titled “Do You Wanna” has dropped on Loco Dice and Martin Buttrich‘s label Desolat.

It was actually very difficult to pick one track from this 5 track E.P but in the end we kept going back to “That Girl”. The track just flows perfectly and I challenge you to sit still whilst listening to it. It’s just a straight up groover. Make sure to check the rest of the E.P as all tracks are equally as solid in our opinion.

You can listen to and buy the rest of the E.P by clicking here

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Still one of our favourite Carlo Lio remixes and as its a remix of one of Santé‘s original tracks we thought it would be rude not to post it. BOMB!


5.11Reset Robot – She Lives Above The Door

Mondays can sometimes be hard work, especially after a long techno filled weekend that tested your body and mind to its limits, fortunately we find the best way to remedy this is by filling your Monday with more TECHNO!

And so as usual we spent a long part of the day searching for new music and this little treat from Reset Robot on Truesoul has gotten us over any nagging Monday blues.

Adam Beyer‘s Truesoul seems to live by the old adage of quality not quantity. The label consistently delivers dark, twisted bombs that always receive huge support from the techno elite and this latest release is no exception.

This isn’t the first Reset Robot release on Truesoul and we doubt it will be the last, the label seems like a perfect home for his signature style which often incorporate dark atmospheres and stabs laced over a very solid groove.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find any full (legit) streams of the E.P but we think the teasers give you more than enough to hear the quality of the release and as always you can find the purchase links at the bottom of the post.

Here is our pick of the E.P, a naughty little groover titled “Snotty”

Here is the rest of the E.P on Soundcloud,

You can purchase the full E.P in high quality by clicking here

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Because we love you and we love techno and we just promote love and techno in general here is a little bonus track!