18.1Hollen – Safari (Moan)

Hollen Safari Artwork

Italy really does have a knack for giving birth to some seriously talented producers and Aniello Federico aka Hollen is no exception. This young artist has been releasing music since 2009 but really broke through last year with a string of releases on some of the biggest labels in the underground including Kling Klong, Trapez and Octopus to name just a few. Moan are the latest label to sign up Hollen’s talents and we can see why.

The lead track from the E.P titled ‘Safari’ is huge. The groove is relentless and is a perfect slice of peak time tech house. We have always been impressed with Hollen’s music, his drums really stand out and he has definitely managed to carve out a unique sound that has rightly got the attention of some of techno’s biggest labels and artists including Richie Hawtin, Dubfire and Sian.

Check out the track on Soundcloud below.

You can purchase the full E.P on Beatport by clicking here.

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17.1Ron Costa – Berlidof & Oslo Museum E.P (SCI+TEC)

Ron Costa SCI+TEC E.P Artwork

Ron Costa – Berlidof & Oslo Museum E.P (SCI+TEC)

Ron Costa makes his debut on Dubfire‘s SCI+TEC with this huge E.P.

We have featured many of Rons tracks here at NOYZ and have written about how highly we regard his production. It seems the majority of the techno community agree with us and he is starting to receive the support and recognition that he deserves.

We are really pleased to see him release on SCI+TEC. His raw and atmospheric grooves suit the label perfectly. We are in awe of the low end thump that he manages to create in every track and he definitely has a signature swing that is present throughout all of his tracks.

Both tracks on the E.P are absolute bombs so it seems rude to post only one. After all more techno is good right? Especially when its Ron Costa techno!

You can stream both of the tracks below.

You can purchase the full release on Beatport by clicking here.

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14.1Alli Borem – Main Theme (Root50 Music) Free Download!!

One of NOYZ‘ favourite, Italian Techno Stalion Alli Borem. Here at NOYZ we have featured Alli before, this is down to his unique sound and up front Tech-House and Techno tracks that make waves through any club dance floor. Alli’s label Root50 hosts this latest track that he is giving away on free download!

Thick analogue beats with that certain groove that Mr Borem is able to manifest effortlessly. This is a New Year’s reminder for Underground Music heads to realise what the head honcho has it store for Root50′s horizons in 2013.

For this track Alli leans more towards his House roots keeping the groove live and loose with his trademark funky drums and well known 808 samples. He loses his audience in clever breakdowns, effected vocals, and delays, almost to a point where you feel uncertain of where the track has gone, and then… Bang! Straight back into Italian funk with an energy and a vibe that will keep everyone grooving all night long!


Download the track here

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7.1Sable Sheep – His Betrayal (Be As One)

Sable Sheep returns to Be As One with his third E.P on the label titled “My Onslaught”. The E.P is scheduled for release on the 21st January.

As usual from Be As One Records, the release delivers. Here at NOYZ we have a lot of admiration for Shlomi Aber and we are definitely not alone. He has built up a vast following of passionate fans who subscribe to his unique style of Techno. This style has transcended into his label which has become widely recognised as one of the most forward thinking imprints in underground electronic music.

Sable Sheep appears to be building a strong relationship with Be As One and we can see why. His style suits the label and you can instantly hear a talented musician and producer behind his tracks. There is to be an air of mystery around the German producer; something that keeps us guessing and excites us to see what else he has in store for the future. If his first three releases on this label are anything to go by then we can expect some incredible music to come!

All four tracks on the E.P are solid but the pick of the bunch for us is this peak-time techno tool titled “His Betrayal”. The signature Sable Sheep groove is supported by a interesting percussive lead that makes the track bounce. You may think it’s impossible to fall in love with a snare drum, well we have news for you…

Judge for yourself…

Keep your eye out for the full release on Beatport on the 21st January.


Sable Sheep’s first release on Be As One entitled “Painting My Fur” was one of our top tracks last year and always evoked a huge reaction. Check it out below or buy it on Beatport by clicking here

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3.1Matt Sassari – Whisper 8 (Potobolo Records)

As the dust settles from a crazy New Years Eve we start to look forward to a new year full of joy, happiness and most importantly TECHNO.

And we hope all of the music that we post on NOYZ this year is up to the standard set by Matt Sassari with his latest release on Ron Costa‘s Potobolo Records.

Its a very strong two track release from Matt but it was the lead track “Whisper 8″ that really caught our attention. It has a dark atmosphere that runs throughout the track creating a constant tension that leaves you gripped with anticipation. The subtle synth lines that come in and out sporadically really give the track an evil twist whilst the live drums sit in the perfect place to form a tight and hypnotic groove.

We are excited to hear more music from Matt this year. Like Ron Costa, Matt is also French hailing from Marseille. Ron Costa has spotted his obvious talent and is giving him a platform to develop and release his music via his label Potobolo which is releasing some incredible music at the moment. At the young age of 20 we are sure that Matt has a very bright future ahead so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Here is a clip of Whisper 8 on Soundcloud.

You can purchase the full release on Beatport by clicking here

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2.1NOYZ – Top 10 Tracks of 2012

Hey Guys,

Well we had an amazing holiday break playing two shows at The Rainbow in Digbeth and going to see Dubfire smash Egg in London to pieces. Standing behind him as he dropped our track Homewurk to that crazy crowd was an incredible feeling and has given us even more inspiration to push forward with our music in 2013. Watch the video of how the crowd reacted to Homewurk by clicking here

We thought we should start the new year with a selection of 10 of of our top tracks from 2012.

So here goes!….

1. The Junkies – Werq This

2. Ron Costa – Seevers

3. Clio – Into The Disco

4. Dubfire – Slowburn


27.12A Transmission (Compilation mixed by Dubfire – SCI+TEC)

Who wants some Techno for Xmas? We do! We do!

Well Dubfire has delivered the goods right in time with this incredible compilation on his record label SCI+TEC.

SCI+TEC is home to some of our favourite artists here at NOYZ including Carlo Lio, The Junkies, SHADED and obviously Dubfire himself. The label has consistently discovered and developed new and exciting artists and helped them to reach their full potential. The music that we hear from the label is always pushing the boundaries and driving techno forward which is what Dubfire has always done in his own career as an artist.

The compilation spans across many genres and is a selection of both new unreleased music and some classics. Its a really interesting listen and gives you an insight into Dubfires music tastes outside of techno.

You can preview and purchase the complete compilation on Beatport by clicking here.

We couldn’t decide on one particular track as our favourite so we chose TWO! It is Xmas after all, well maybe Xmas has gone but we can drag it out a little further if it means more techno! Thats fair enough right?

Here is our first pick of the bunch from our New Horizons compadre Justin James. Justin is a very talented producer and has some huge releases planned for 2013 so keep your eyes and ears peeled. City Club is a dark stomper that just grooves and kicks in all the right places! Check it out below.

Here is our second selection from the one and only Carlo Lio. This track just has everything and the title is very fitting as it does literally keep grooving from start to finish. Relentless techno at its best and you really need to hear this in a club to appreciate how ridiculously good it is.

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25.12WHYT NOYZ – Moving (Xmas Free Download)

Hey Guys,

Merry Xmas to all of you!

We want to thank you all for your support in 2012  and we are really excited to start releasing some new music in 2013.

I had to tear myself away from the turkey, snacks, drinks and most importantly family to come up and drop this little techno treat off to all of you guys!

It is one of our own WHYT NOYZ tracks that we produced a while ago but has always received a great reaction at our gigs.

You can stream and download “Moving” from this link.

Please share the track with your friends if you like it!

Here is a little video of us playing the track at one of our shows at Face at The Rainbow in Birmingham.

Enjoy and have a great xmas break!


24.12Berlin Not Berlin, Vol. 1 various artists Kling Klong

After finally finishing all the wrapping of last minute Christmas gifts, rather than help out around the house or spend time with the rest of the family in front of the television, I thought it best to spend the rest my festive time researching Techno. Easy choice.

Martin Eyerer is a man that needs no introduction. A forward thinking musical enthusiast who pushes his labels with the same integrity as he does his productions. It was Germany’s own Techno Titan who founded the mighty Kling Klong Records along with fellow Deutsch DJ and Producer Rainer Weichhold. Their label has released some of NOYZ‘ favourite Techno and Tech House tracks over the years by artists such as: Macromism, Alli Borem, Nicole Moudaber, Oliver Klein, Tony Dee, Hermanez, and many many more.

Here Kling Klong unleash a sea of bombs. The compilation is aptly named after Martin moved to Berlin last summer.

“…we obviously got the official right to release our first Berlin compilation.” Kling Klong

The release features tracks from Dimitri Andreas, Sidney Charles, Sascha Sonido, and a host of others. We have chosen a track right up NOYZ’ street. Darlyn Vlys‘ Kiss Kiss fits into Kling Klong’s musical bracket perfectly, peak time grooves along with addictive bass and flow. I am sure you will all agree!

Checkout the full release of Berlin Not Berlin here

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21.12Ruben Mandolini – Crime

Four days out from non stop food, family that you hardily ever see, and the T.V. scheduling that could be organised by a five year old. Yes Christmas is now only just around the corner and you know us here at NOYZ would want to get you in the Festive spirit by dropping some new found BOMB knowledge your way…

Italian born Ruben Mandolini was bitten by the music bug at the tender age of 13 with his weapon of choice being keyboards and modular synths, since then his passion has grew along with his skill. He was born in Prato in 82′ so as Ruben was growing up he was in an era where House music and Techno were finding a home in many Italian clubs. Tuscany soon became Mandolini’s home from home where he learnt his craft as a DJ and performer and soon became resident for Club999.

Ruben has had releases on labels such as Snatch! Records, Material Series, and Lapsus Music. He has followed suit in his productions making dark House and tough Techno based House, just what the dance floor ordered! His tracks are played by some of the biggest DJs around stretching from Pete Tong and Riva Starr to Butch and Paco Osuna.

Crime follows on from where Ruben’s past releases have lead him, more considered, well thought out grooves, clever fx and, a fan favourite at NOYZ, skippy drums. It is out now on Unclear Records, make sure you grab yourself a copy! Enjoy!

Buy the release from Beatport here

Check out Ruben’s latest tracks by following his soundcloud

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