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We are really excited to welcome Reset Robot to NOYZ for an artist interview. Since Reset Robots first release in 2009 his productions have seen consistent support from the kings of the underground and fans alike. He bought a fresh twist to techno and has maintained his unique edge ever since. When you look through his wide discography you can see just how much respect he has in the underground community with releases on some of the most favoured labels in the world. He has also built up a very solid live reputation and has toured the globe taking his music to all corners of the globe.

Hey Dave, Thanks for taking part in this interview, we are very honoured to have you grace our pages!

1. How did the concept for Reset Robot come together and what was your vision for the project?

I was writing under my name Dave Robertson for about 6 years (from 2003 – 2009). I felt my sound was changing gradually and it got to the point where I felt I needed to start an alias or my music wasn’t going to be heard by the right people. The vision was definitely for the Reset Robot stuff to be more techno orientated but as I’ve progressed my sound has slowed down and become a bit deeper.

2. You have released music on some of the most respected and followed record labels in underground electronic music. Is there any reason you choose to release your music across different labels than having one main home?

I didn’t really have a vision with regards to what labels I wanted to release on when I started. I just sent out some tracks and people started passing them around and a few things clicked into place. The Sci + Tec release was the real catalyst. Alan Fitzpatrick had passed the tracks onto Ali and it went from there. I think I released on too many labels when I first started the RR project. Things are better now. I release on Truesoul which is a great home for me and Intacto. 2 solid labels that are run very well.

3. What are the main challenges that you face living as a touring DJ and producer?

Well, I don’t actually tour that much compared to some people but the traveling can be a real killer. Sometimes you have to go straight to a club after flying long haul which can be very hard. Nothing a Vodka & Red Bull won’t sort out though!! Its mainly sleep based challenges. Finishing your set and having to go straight to an airport or only having 1 hour sleep before flying or moving on. It’s all worth it if the gigs are good!!

4. What are your thoughts on the current EDM craze that has become so huge in the U.S?

I’m not into the EDM sound but I think its a good thing. Eventually they’ll all want something more underground!

5. You are widely respected as one of the most skilled producers in the underground. What production advice would you give to up and coming producers and engineers?

Wait until your music is ready. Thats one thing I didn’t do. I sent out my first tracks which looking back were pretty bad. Try and be patient and wait till you feel you’re at the right standard.

6. What are your thoughts on Analog Vs Digital?

I like both. I use Reason to produce all of my stuff but used to have a few bits of hardware. I don’t anymore but there’s a couple of bits I’d like to pick up.

7. What is your musical background and how did you become involved in electronic music?

My mates and I got into speed garage, trance and hard house initially. We used to listen to and mix everything really. I got my first set of decks when I was 15 and went to college to do a music production course which was based more around recording and live stuff. I learnt a lot doing that and still got to use the software in spare sessions. One of my lecturers gave me a copy of Reason and it completely blew my mind. I’d never seen anything like it and didn’t sleep for a long time because of it.

8. What is your DJ set up and do you plan on doing any live shows in the future, if so can you give us any idea of what your live show may entail?

I have recently changed my set up. I used to use Ableton Live and an Akai APC40 to DJ with but I’m now on the CDJ2000′s and a DJM900. I’m loving mixing again. I have done live sets in the past and would definitely do them again. My live set up would be Ableton Live, an Akai APC40 and a UC33e Controller.

9. What are your plans for Reset Robot in 2013 and can you give us any information on planned releases that you may have coming up?

I’ve just had my first release of the year on Intacto which was out on the 7th Jan. I’ve got a remix coming up on Incorrect Music and hopefully another EP on Truesoul pretty soon.

10. Thanks again for taking part in the interview Dave, all that talking and typing has given us a thirst! What are you drinking?

Vodka Tonic!

You can purchase the latest Reset Robot release on Intacto on Beatport by clicking here

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