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Artist Interview – Saso Recyd

Today guys we bring you an artist that has graced the pages of NOYZ many times thanks to his ground breaking productions and fresh approach to making ass-shaking Techno. He is part of the first wave of electronic music producers from his native Macedonia and has had his ear to the ground from the early days of Chicago House and Detroit Techno. Ladies and gentlemen strap in for our one to one with the incredible Saso Recyd!


1. Hey Saso, great to have you here at NOYZ, how are things going with you?

Hello, and thank you for having me. It’s always busy with me, doing different things at once, and always hard to decide on what to work on next. But all is good, and things come up as they should.


2. So you are a native of Macedonia’s city Bitola, what was the music scene like when you were growing up?

I was lucky to start listening to House and Detroit Techno since the beginning, following it from the start. And at that time everyone was curious about this music. We had a great scene, till this day it has it’s ups and downs like in every other part of the world.


3. Take us back to when you first started making music, what was your set up back then and what sounds/genres/artists inspired you?

It was long time ago, late 80′s I think I was 13/14 I was interested in Rap and Hip House (NWA, Public Enemy, Erik B. & Rakim) watching MTV and wondering how the music was made, I thought all you needed were turntables! I did not have anything released until I meet Ilija, we worked as “Xavier Acid” with a couple of albums behind us till 1996. After that I started solo.

I was inspired by Detroit Techno, and artists like Richie Hawtin, Green Velvet, Dave Clarke, Robert Hood, Dave Angel, Daniel Bell

4. How has your setup changed from then to now both from a production and a performance perspective?

Back then, I had Amstrad computer and had some music trackers, after that I had an Atari with better programs, I loved to experiment on those.

Later I tried all kind of different programs, Cubase, Reason, but I loved Fruity loops when the first one came out. I was never into hardware because I couldn’t afford it. First monitors I got in 2009, before that I used anything to hear sound, it was hard to work, but doing it this way helped me learn about frequencies, the wave shapes, and now just by waveform I can tell what the sound is, I can hear it in my mind. I like Ableton, but i’m in love with Logic now.


5. What’s the best piece of advice that you could give to young, up and coming producers?

Avoid samples packs. Start from scratch. Experiment with sounds. Create sound – reshape it – create something new from that, build your banks. Always make something different. Don’t force it to be released. Don’t stick to one genre. But, don’t make trance! hahaha


6. What does your life consist of? Do you have any interests outside of music?

I have a lot of interest in graphic design. I am working on the covers for Rawthentic Music, Inmotion Music and Grammafoon Recordings. Oh and i love watching funny videos in the morning or before bed, i call it click therapy.


7. Musically you are striving forward in what seems to be this fresh line of techno infused with tech-house grooves and feel, could you tell us a little more about that?

I can never tell what I am making, I want the music to have that simple groove but with lot’s of energy. If it moves me then it’s ok. Not one song i have made is the same as other. I keep everything I have made since 1997 and sometimes when i listen to those projects I think, ‘how did I come up with that?’. Combining everything you like and without rules you can surprise yourself by what you can do. And its the same when I DJ.


8. You have had some great releases on some major labels such as RawthenticInmotion Music, Plus8, Definitive Recordings, Local Music, and Minus 12. Our favourite one most recently is your remix of Arjun Vagale‘s ‘Consumed’ released on the always cool, Trapez. Can you give us any information about future releases from you that we should keep our eye out for?

There are EP’s that I am finishing for: Inmotion music, Sci+Tec, Blackflag recordings. And some remixes that I’ve done for Time Has Changed, Grammafoon recordings, and Walk&Talk records.


9. What is your favourite party or club that you have played at so far?

Studio 80” was special for me, what a great club. Then “Sektor 909” and “Kapan An” in Skopje and “Lektira Kabare” in Bitola.


10. Finally, we are going to the bar, what can we get you to drink?

Vodka, Beer or Multivitamin juice at home.


Thank you so much for the time Saso, we here at NOYZ love your fresh sound and wish you all the best in the future!!

Thank you.


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