Max Cooper is an artist who draws inspiration from many different genres and influences, bringing it together in a unique style that is hypnotic, dark and melodic.

If you follow Max’s music you will instantly be able to recognise his productions. His beats are extremely intricate and although very glitchy at times they still manage to blend together, forming a perfect groove that compliments the complex melodies and lush atmospheres which sit above them.

He is a true artist who never compromises his integrity; this is all too apparent when you see how dedicated his fan base is. Amongst his fans are some of the biggest DJ’s in the world including Sasha and John Digweed for whom Max has released music on their respective labels Last Night On Earth and Bedrock.

Max is renowned for his remixes. Reworks of Hot Chip and Portishead are prime examples and set the blogs alight whilst topping the Hype Machine in the process.

Here we have his latest remix. Gorgeous and melodic, it really takes the listener on a journey.

The remix is part of a very solid Mauro Norti remix E.P for Wide Angle Recordings, and includes the Mauro originals and remixes from Max, Oliver Lieb and Travis Macdonald.

You can buy the remix and the the rest of this great release on beatport by clicking here.

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