8.11Santé – That Girl

Since Santé‘s first release in 2007 he has steadily established himself as one of the most promising talents in the underground. He has seen support from such heavyweights as Steve Lawler, Sven Väth, Carlo Lio and now his latest release titled “Do You Wanna” has dropped on Loco Dice and Martin Buttrich‘s label Desolat.

It was actually very difficult to pick one track from this 5 track E.P but in the end we kept going back to “That Girl”. The track just flows perfectly and I challenge you to sit still whilst listening to it. It’s just a straight up groover. Make sure to check the rest of the E.P as all tracks are equally as solid in our opinion.

You can listen to and buy the rest of the E.P by clicking here

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Still one of our favourite Carlo Lio remixes and as its a remix of one of Santé‘s original tracks we thought it would be rude not to post it. BOMB!


6.11Arjun Vagale – Lets Go

Arjun Vagale has really impressed us recently here at NOYZ. He has had a very solid release schedule throughout 2012 with releases on great labels such at Trapez, Kaiserdisco‘s KD Music and Monique Speciale to name a few. This latest release from Arjun is a driving techno bomb that has a very fitting title as it literally makes us want to go to the nearest dark room, play this track as loud as possible and lose our minds. LETS GO!

Seriously though respect to Arjun, the production on this monster is of the highest grade. The bassline just smacks you straight in the chest from the off whilst the skippy snares really keep the track grooving throughout. The breakdown builds up serious tension and is filled with a great atmosphere that is just made for a big sweaty room full of crazy ravers waiting to go nuts. Then when it does drop the track really delivers with serious punch.

Lets Go is part of yet another strong release on Coyu‘s Suara label. There are some absolute gems on the compilation but this one really stood out for us. Check the links below to listen to the rest of the comp.

Listen to clips of the release on Soundcloud by clicking here

Listen and Buy the tracks on Beatport by clicking here

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5.11Reset Robot – She Lives Above The Door

Mondays can sometimes be hard work, especially after a long techno filled weekend that tested your body and mind to its limits, fortunately we find the best way to remedy this is by filling your Monday with more TECHNO!

And so as usual we spent a long part of the day searching for new music and this little treat from Reset Robot on Truesoul has gotten us over any nagging Monday blues.

Adam Beyer‘s Truesoul seems to live by the old adage of quality not quantity. The label consistently delivers dark, twisted bombs that always receive huge support from the techno elite and this latest release is no exception.

This isn’t the first Reset Robot release on Truesoul and we doubt it will be the last, the label seems like a perfect home for his signature style which often incorporate dark atmospheres and stabs laced over a very solid groove.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find any full (legit) streams of the E.P but we think the teasers give you more than enough to hear the quality of the release and as always you can find the purchase links at the bottom of the post.

Here is our pick of the E.P, a naughty little groover titled “Snotty”

Here is the rest of the E.P on Soundcloud,

You can purchase the full E.P in high quality by clicking here

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Because we love you and we love techno and we just promote love and techno in general here is a little bonus track!

4.11Ray Okpara – Chi This Wonder Up (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)

You can always count on Mobilee to release timeless electronic music and that is exactly what we have with this huge remix from Rodriguez Jr.

The remix features on the Ray Okpara – Good Times E.P that has been released prior to Ray’s forthcoming album on Mobilee.

We are big fans of Ray here at NOYZ and we are looking forward to the full album release on November 12th but this remix sounds like it was made for this lazy (and slightly hungover) Sunday afternoon.

Rodriguez Jr creates music that is not only aimed at the dancefloor but can be appreciated in all surroundings. His music has an organic and melodic feel that doesn’t seem contrived at all. You can tell that he creates music from the soul and is not trying to fit into a category or any latest fad, artists like this always seem to stand the test of time and Mobilee seem to do a great job of finding these artists and helping them develop their art before providing the perfect platform to release it.

OK time to shut up and let you enjoy the music……

You can also check out the full release on Soundcloud below

You can also purchase the release on Beatport by clicking here

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4.11Mauro Norti – You and Me (Max Cooper Remix)

Max Cooper is an artist who draws inspiration from many different genres and influences, bringing it together in a unique style that is hypnotic, dark and melodic.

If you follow Max’s music you will instantly be able to recognise his productions. His beats are extremely intricate and although very glitchy at times they still manage to blend together, forming a perfect groove that compliments the complex melodies and lush atmospheres which sit above them.

He is a true artist who never compromises his integrity; this is all too apparent when you see how dedicated his fan base is. Amongst his fans are some of the biggest DJ’s in the world including Sasha and John Digweed for whom Max has released music on their respective labels Last Night On Earth and Bedrock.

Max is renowned for his remixes. Reworks of Hot Chip and Portishead are prime examples and set the blogs alight whilst topping the Hype Machine in the process.

Here we have his latest remix. Gorgeous and melodic, it really takes the listener on a journey.

The remix is part of a very solid Mauro Norti remix E.P for Wide Angle Recordings, and includes the Mauro originals and remixes from Max, Oliver Lieb and Travis Macdonald.

You can buy the remix and the the rest of this great release on beatport by clicking here.

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3.11Paco Osuna – Amigos Pt.2

We thought we would start off with a bang and what an E.P this is! Paco Osuna never fails to deliver and this new E.P on Plus 8 is further testament to that. The E.P is the second instalment of his Amigos series which is a line of collaborations with his close friends who also happen to be amazing artists and producers in their own right. Its very convenient to have these types of friends when you want to make dancefloor BOMBS!

Here is the lead track of the E.P which is a collaboration with John Lagora titled “Art Confusion”. This track is our personal favourite of the E.P. You can really hear the different production styles of Paco and Lagora and they blend together perfectly, the groovy bassline and vocal chops scream of Paco Osuna and this signature style has seen him rise steadily through the ranks to become one of the hottest producers and DJs in the scene. He is currently touring the U.S with Richie Hawtin and Loco Dice on the CNTRL tour and I am sure this track is destroying the floors out there and making people wonder why the hell they have been listening to EDM for the last 12 months!

The collaboration with Sinisa Tamamovic comes a close second but in truth they are all serious weapons and the production quality is to a very high standard.

Props to Uner and Tony Rohr on the other two remaning tracks which you can hear along with the full E.P on Beatport using the link below.

Paco Osuna – Amigos Pt.2 – Buy On Beatport

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