8.5Sian – The Policeman Inside You (Octopus Records)

Sian Policeman Octopus

 Sian – The Policeman Inside You (Octopus Records)

So the guys over at Octopus are celebrating a milestone of  50 releases! And there is no better way to celebrate than a huge stomping release from label boss Sian. Especially a release that contains two tracks from the man himself and two remixes from Ambivalent and Sam Paganini! You know what to expect when those kind of names are involved in a release, pure techno at its finest, and that is certainly whats on offer here.

We have a lot of respect for Sian and what he has built with Octopus, It’s a label that has a very strong identity and and he has created a unique sound whilst attracting some of the biggest names in the underground onto the label for releases, remixes and compilations. It’s not easy to juggle both a label and a hectic touring career but he has managed to make it work seamlessly. We have obviously worked closely with him and label partner Chris with our own releases on the label so we can vouch for the professionalism of the label first hand!

Back to the release, It’s all about peak time techno which is what the label has built a solid reputation for! Our pick of the 4 is the lead track titled “The Policeman Inside You”. It’s a track that oozes impact, power and a ferocious low end. We are sure Sian has been destroying dance floors all over the world with this bomb and now we are guessing it will destroy the techno charts! All 4 tracks are solid and Ambivalent and Sam Paganini have really delivered with two amazing remixes.

Check out The Policeman Inside You below

You can check out the rest of the tracks on the release on Beatport by clicking here.

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6.5Carlo Lio – A Dusty Heart (SCI+TEC)

Carlo Lio - A Dusty Heart (SCI+TEC)

Carlo Lio – A Dusty Heart (SCI+TEC)

Hey guys!!

Once again we bring back a talent that has graced the NOYZ pages time and time again. A fan favourite that destroys dance floors all over the globe. His interview for NOYZ gave us an incite into what goes on more behind the scenes of his musical lifestyle, that man is of course, Mr Carlo Lio.

It’s hard to find ways of making fresh tracks that consistently vibe with an international audience, however Carlo Lio is a trend setter. His sound has sparked inspiration into a lot of the new techno being heard today. How do we know this?… Simply put… He was the first to do it! Relentless drums, powerful bass, bottom-end groove, twisted effects, and hypnotic vocals are some of the choice ingredients Carlo uses to make his sound his own.

As a testament to this hard work we bring you his NINTH release on Dubfire‘s SCI+TEC Digital imprint. A Dusty Heart is a dusty, shimmering frenzy! Mesmerising vocals carry the groove through crazy breakdowns and roller-coaster highs and lows. A simple but effective low passing of the whole track gives the crowd a respite from the madness before it builds and starts again, and again, and again!

So without further ado here is the track!

Be sure to checkout both of Marco Faraone‘s mixes for an alternate take on the original!

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24.4Mihai Popoviciu – Decimals E.P (Highgrade Records)


 Mihai Popoviciu – Decimals E.P (Highgrade Records)

Something a little more on the melodic side today from Romanian producer Mihai Popoviciu. Mihai has really impressed us recently with his unique style that incorporates sounds from a mix of genres that obviously inspire him. Whilst the tracks seem rooted in tech-house they all have a more melodic and deep feel and he uses synthesizers to great effect which really make the tracks stand out from the crowd. He has clearly worked extremely hard to craft his sound and it looks like it was worthwhile on the evidence of his latest releases.

For his latest E.P he returns to German label Highgrade Records. It’s a 4 track E.P and all of the tracks are extremely strong and work well together to form a really cohesive package. The pick for us off the E.P is the title track ‘Decimals’. It moulds a dark, twisted and almost acid synth line around a really deep and thumping drum track. We love the live drums that work throughout to keep the groove interesting.

Check out Decimals below,

You can check out the whole E.P on Beatport by clicking here

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22.4Ante Ujevic – Entheos (Matt Sassari Remix)

Entheos matt sassari NOYZ AUDIO

Ante Ujevic – Entheos (Matt Sassari Remix)

In our first post of 2013 we featured Matt Sassari‘s Whisper E.P and said how excited we were to hear more music from the young Frenchman. He has definitely continued to keep up to the same high standards that were set with the Whisper E.P and this latest remix on Potobolo is a fine example!

The remix is for Canadian Ante Ujevic‘s track ‘Entheos’. The original track is a great production in its own right and we will definitely be keeping an eye out for Ante’s future tracks but it’s the remix that really hits the spot for us. As usual with Matt Sassari’s tracks there is a dark atmosphere at work that really creates tension throughout. The vocal works really well and draws the breakdown out until the groove kicks in with a serious thump! You  can hear Matt is heavily influenced by label boss Ron Costa.

Here is the remix,

You can purchase the full on E.P on Beatport by clicking here

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18.4Pascal Nuzzo – One Time (Intacto)

Pascal Nuzzo - One Time (Intacto)

Pascal Nuzzo – One Time (Intacto)

After what seemed like the longest winter forever in the U.K we have finally entered into Spring. As we do a new mix for each season we have started collating tracks ready for it. In doing so we came across this monster of a track from Pascal Nuzzo on the always consistent Intacto.

We were not familar with Pascal’s music prior to this release and so as always we checked out his back catalogue. It seems he had more of a driving and melodic sound previously however this release seems like a really big step up for us. Such a huge and heavy sound that is extremely current. We hope Pascal continues with this style of production as we will be excited to hear more! There is also a nice remix on the package from one of the labels owners Shinedoe which is well worth checking out for those who like it a little deeper.

Check out the track on Soundcloud below,

You can purchase the E.P on Beatport by clicking here

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15.4WHYT NOYZ – SynthesiZe E.P (Octopus Black)

WHYT NOYZ Synthesize EP Octopus Black

WHYT NOYZ – SynthesiZe E.P (Octopus Black)

So after a crazy night in Glasgow on Saturday we have a great start to this new week with our latest E.P on Octopus Recordings Black Label.

It is a huge honour for us to be releasing music on Octopus, the labels owner Sian has long been an inspiration to us and to have his support is a great feeling. This E.P is being released on Octopus Black which is a new sub label set up by Sian for special edition releases. We spoke to Sian about the release and Octopus Black, he told us “basically the idea is to present it alongside the original Octopus as a more stripped down and afterhour feel. This release fits perfectly into that area, slightly dark, ghetto bass and watertight production. Something a little more for illegal techno party rather than established main room club” We look forward to seeing what else is in store for Octopus Black!

If releasing on one of our favourite labels wasn’t enough we have also been fortunate enough to have Pig & Dan on the package with a HUGE remix of SynthesiZe. We couldn’t be happier with how the mix turned out and it certainly raised a few smiles and fists when we dropped it at the weekend! Right, enough talk check out some short snippets of the three tracks below.

You can purchase the entire E.P on Beatport by clicking here

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11.4Fractious – Rift Theory (Trapez)

Fractious Rift Theory

Well the weekend has almost arrived and we are looking forward to our gig in Glasgow for the Pyramatrix boys alongside Harvey Mckay on Saturday!

Obviously we are on the lookout for some bombs to land up in Scotland with and we have a found a few gems, one of which is this slice of techno from Northern Ireland’s Fractious.

Once again Trapez are on form delivering a very strong E.P here with some great remixes included from Frankyeffe, Luigi Madonna and Danilo Vigorito. You should check out all of the tracks on the E.P but for us the track “Rift Theory” really stood out. It’s the slowest track on the E.P at 123 bpm but it still packs a serious punch and has a really solid groove. This is the first time we have come across Fractious but we will be sure to keep an eye on his future productions and we are sure you will too after listening to the E.P. We also love the Luigi Madonna remix. It will be getting a few Scottish ravers whipped up into a frenzy on Saturday night, that’s for sure!. Check out both the original and remix below!

You can check out and purchase the rest of the E.P on Beatport by clicking here

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9.4Ron Carroll – Brighter Day (Ron Costa Remix)

Ron Costa NOYZ

We are still here guys! We have both been on well earned vacations but we are back and ready to provide you with new and most importantly AMAZING techno!

As you must have gathered we are very big fans of a certain Frenchman named Ron Costa and as I have just arrived back from Paris I thought it was only right I share his latest BOMB release. This time it’s a remix for the legendary Ron Carroll.

You will know what to expect by now. A solid but skippy groove, a growling low end and and an atmosphere that just draws you in and leaves you wanting more!  Ron has used the vocal just enough to pay homage to the original but not step away from his usual style. We love the dark bass stab that acts as a hook throughout the remix. Ron really adheres to the phrase simple but effective. He always uses a minimal amount of elements but they all work in harmony with each other. There is an art to that form of production and he has certainly mastered it!  Enough talk, here is the remix!

You can purchase the remix on Beatport by clicking here

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26.3Jose M. & Tacoman – Kick The Warehouse E.P (Trapez)

Jose M & Tacoman Warehouse E.P Trapez NOYZ

Jose M. & Tacoman – Kick The Warehouse E.P (Trapez)

What a way to start the week with the latest release from one of our favourite labels at NOYZTrapez.

In our opinion Trapez are one of the most consistent labels around, Always pushing new and exciting talent whilst managing to keep the quality at the highest level. The label has a real identifiable sound and has carved out its own place in the underground which is very difficult in a world where running a label is accessible to all. In case you missed them check out two other recent releases on the label that we have supported from our good friend Arjun Vagale and also this awesome E.P that we posted about from Italian producer Nick Olivetti.

This latest E.P from Jose M. & Tacoman has all the usual Trapez ingredients, heavy drums, a ferocious low end and most importantly plenty of groove. We have been keeping our eye on these two Columbian producers for a while now. As described in their biography, Jazz, Funk and Soul are their guns to flood the dance floor. They definitely live up to this statement. We see a bright future ahead for these guys!

The E.P consists of 3 tracks titled “What Are You Watching”, “Warehouse” and “Kick This”. It’s a solid affair all round so we thought it was only right to give you a taste of all 3 tracks.

You can purchase the entire E.P on Beatport by clicking here

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23.3Mladen Tomic – Dance Of Shadows E.P (SCI+TEC)

Mladen Tomic Dance of Shadows EP SCI+TEC Artwork NOYZ Audio

Mladen Tomic – Dance Of Shadows E.P (SCI+TEC)

SCI+TEC return with yet another huge release and this time it’s Bosnian rising star Mladen Tomic at the helm. We have come to expect high quality releases from SCI+TEC but the music coming from the label seems to be getting stronger with each release. Many young producers look up to Dubfire and it’s a testament to his character that he recognises this and gives such a great platform for them to be able to showcase their music and talent. Dubfire has a great system of being able to test out many of the demos he gets sent for the label during his rigorous touring schedule. This allows his to see first hand which tracks are really working with the crowd which we are sure is playing a huge part in why SCI+TEC is so formidable as a label right now.

Mladen Tomic fits into the above category perfectly. Dubfire has been a long time supporter of Mladen’s music and so it was just a matter or time before Ali picked up an E.P for SCI+TEC. It was definitely worth the wait and we feel this is without doubt some of Mladen’s strongest work to date! He has been steadily building a solid fan base over the last few years with an array of impressive releases on labels such as Octopus, Terminal M and of course his very own Night Light Records which he runs with his close friend and fellow Bosnian Sinisa Tamamovic. This feels like another step forward for Mladen and it’s great to see his hard work and determination paying off and we are looking forward to seeing him progress further!

Its rare for Ali to pick up 4 tracks for an E.P on the label but we can see how he would have had a hard time turning down any of the bombs on offer here. All 4 are perfectly crafted techno records that have Mladen’s signature groove all over them. We agree with Ali on the lead track though, Fittingly titled “First Choice” is an absolute monster, we dare you to try and sit still whilst listening to it!.

Check out First Choice below.

You can purchase the entire E.P over at Beatport by clicking here

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