22.3Johnny Kaos, Hollen – Kripton (Original Mix) [Suara]

Johnny Kaos, Hollen - Kripton (Original Mix) [Suara]

Gearing up for Friday night we here at NOYZ thought it appropriate to smash down the weekday doors to enjoy all the fruits that the weekend has to offer! And who better to do that than Hollen and Johnny Kaos?

Hollen is a fast rising star of the underground, coming out of Napoli he has developed as an artist in a city that is teaming with creative life. Since his first release in 2008 Hollen has been on a roll, constantly developing and refining his sound and taste in Techno. He has released on the mighty Kling Klong, Bla Bla, and Trapez Ltd. Here Hollen teams up with fellow Italian native Johnny Kaos, who has been on a tear releasing music with the likes of SCI+TEC, KD Music, and Amazing Records. Phew!

This track is from Hollen’s EP ‘Techno Tools Vol.2′ out now on Suara. The track is called Kripton and is everything you would expect from two young Italian producers; powerful, relentless, and big room swinging Techno! Rides, snares, and non-stop emotion filled pads carry this groove into definite peak time territory.

Be sure to check the full release by clicking here

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18.3Label Spotlight – Rawthentic Music

Rawthentic Music NOYZ Audio

We are really pleased to welcome Carlo Lio‘s Rawthentic Music for our latest Label Spotlight at NOYZ. Carlo kindly took the time out ahead of the latest release on the label by Bimas to answer our questions and give us an insight into what the future holds for the fledgling imprint.

Hey Carlo, First of all, thank you for taking part in our label spotlight feature here at NOYZ. As you have probably seen from the site we are huge fans of your music and Rawthentic so its a great honour to have you grace our pages!

No problem! Thanks for the support!

1. Rawthentic was created in 2005 by Nathan and Jason Borato. You soon joined forces with the brothers. How did that partnership come about?

Well Nathan was one of my fav djs and still is. I used to go watch him back in the day before I even had my first gig. We became really close over the years and shortly after he started Rawthentic I was thinking about doing the label thing to as well. So thats when he asked me to jump on board and I did.

2. How would you explain the musical direction of Rawthentic and how do you think that has developed over time?

Well Rawthentic I feel really sticks to it’s guns. Especially over the past 3 or 4 years where I feel it has really came into its sound. It def. emphasizes on the word RAW and the music bleads it. Nitty Gritty stripped down chuggy sexy dark hypnotic house & techno and everything in between.

3. You must receive a lot of demos. What advice can you give to producers who would like to get their music signed to Rawthentic?

 We do receive TONS of demos and its absolutely impossible to listen to the all. The best thing I can say to these new cats who are looking to be on the label is “Listen to the Label” then decide if you fit or not. It would make all of our lives much easier. 97% of the demos really dont fit, and its something every artist should know when sending music to any label.

4. You have obviously kept a consistent release schedule with over 70 releases so far. What have been the biggest challenges facing the label over the last 7 years?

 Well I would def say the biggest challenge for the label is myself. My career is obviously my priority so having to focus on that sometimes takes away from the label. With all the touring and gigs its not easy to give RAW the full focus I want to. But this is def changed and now with some help the label will get the full attention it deserves and we are pushing extra strong from here on out!

5. We noticed that you still sell your releases on vinyl. Do you do this for every release and what are your thoughts on Vinyl as a format moving into the future?

 We do not do this for every release. The vinyl world is still a diff ball game compared to the digital world. Theres artist that you see sell tons on beatport but wouldnt sell much on vinyl. As for the future of vinyl. I can only see it getting better. It never died as people say it did. Maybe went down hill for a minute but it never left us. I still have the warm feeling inside when holding my own release on a record and i think many feel the same way.

6. What are your thoughts on piracy from a labels perspective and do feel that the problem is worsening?

 My thoughts are simple. IT REALLY SUCKS!! But I am a realist and I know there is nothing that can be done about it. It is what it is and i dont let that problem get in head. Its a shame because we all work so hard as producers and put in obscene amounts of time to give people our art and within minutes have it online for free, but again; the issue it to out of hand. I dont know how much worse it can get but I def dont see it getting much better.

7. How do you find the time to manage running the label whilst also touring the world and having your own individual release schedule?

 Yea I sometimes ask myself the same thing. Up until a few months ago I was doing all this myself. Needless to say its been everything but easy. But I love the label and I love this game and thats what it really comes down to. I make time.

8. What are your plans for the future for Rawthentic?

Growing the label is def always the goal. But eventually I would  like to start with Rawthentic Parties when the time is right and the label has reached that level. But my main goal is to keep releasing quality music I love and the RAW followers love.

9. Can you give us any information about future releases and any new producers that you are working with that we should look out for?

 Some artists you will see upcoming on the label are / Figuera & Obando, Technasia, Onno, Bimas, The Junkies, Myself, Saso Recyd Clio.

As for myself I have some new things up on Mindshake, Scitec, Saved, Rawthentic … but there will be much more.. Now I am finally back in the studio, so that list should grow :)

10. This is probably the most difficult question of all but is there one particular Rawthentic release that is your favourite?

Def a diff Question but i would have to say my fav release is Clio – Your Eyes w/ Leon remix. Just cant get enough of it.

Thanks again Carlo!

Check out the latest release on Rawthentic by the very talented Bimas. A very solid E.P with two strong remixes from Onno and Nikola Gala.

You can purchase the entire E.P over at Beatport by clicking here

14.3Fideles – Old Boy Feat. Kcentric (Original Mix) ['On The Run Vol.6' Inmotion Music]

inmotion various artists

If there is one thing you can ‘bet the house on’ when it comes to Kareem Cali‘s Inmotion Music label, it is a place where you will always find the freshest Tech-House and it’s a breeding ground for new artists to shine through.

The latest release from the ‘On The Run’ series titled ‘Vol.6′ follows on musically in the form Inmotion has set from the word get go, clever, concise, and well produced Tech House grooves that really stand out. The 6th edition features five exclusive tracks from new up and coming talent such as Wade, Mario De Ragnio, and Massimo Cassini.

Italian based Danylo Aprile & Mario Roberti share a love for everything House orientated, and after producing together on countless projects their artist alias ‘Fideles‘ was born. The guys headline the EP with their track “Old Boy Feat. Kcentric (Original Mix)”, and rightfully so down to their use of clever vocals along with funky drums and deep rolling percussion, a sure fire way to rock crowds and send shockwaves out into the underground.

Check out the track below, and be sure to check the rest of the EP!!

Buy the full release by clicking here

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12.3Sian – Without Restraint [Free Download - Continuous Mix] (Octopus)


Octopus Recordings boss Sian steps back into the hot seat for the latest instalment of the labels well respected compilation series. The compilation features many tried and tested tracks that Sian has been hammering in his sets and features established artists like Sian himself, Luigi Madonna Kernel Key through to new exciting artists that he has been supporting such as Timmo and Miro Pajic. We are also fortunate enough to have two of our own WHYT NOYZ tracks included on the compilation and these set the tone for our E.P that will be released with Octopus in April.

The compilation will be released on Beatport on March 18th but in the meantime Octopus have released a continuous mix of the tracks by Sian that is available for free download.

The mix is a ferocious affair that represents the labels sound perfectly and gives you a unique insight into Sian’s style of mixing and track selection.

Check out the full mix below and head over to Soundcloud to download the mix for free by clicking here

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9.3Darkrow & Miguel Bastida – Oaks (Original Mix) [The Room]

the room oak

As all of us gear up for tonight’s antics you can always rely on NOYZ to supply you with a soundtrack to get you in the party spirit!

Miguel Bastida has been solely featured before on NOYZ. However it is now the combination of fresh production talent of Miguel himself and Spanish up and comer Darkrow who have teamed up to make a killer EP called Phonky Rhythm out now on The Room Records.

Miguel Bastida started off making House beats in his teens, and since then has developed a refined palette for cool Techno and rhythmical Tech-House. Darkrow follows in this same vein floating around sub genres of Techno and groovy undergound House. Between them they have had huge support from many underground artists such as Marco Carola, Dave Clarke, Shlomi Aber, and Paco Osuna. Releases have graced the catalogues of Be As One Recordings, Night Light Records, SK Supreme Records, and 1605. As you can see the pair have a wealth of experience when it comes to releasing big dance floor shakers.

The EP has two original tracks along with two remixes of the headline track. One remix is a slightly deeper take by Matheo Velez contrasted by Matt Klast‘s shuffling, percussion filled groove. However for us we were drawn to the second track on the EP ‘Oaks’. It is a thick groove that sits so tight together in terms of it’s production and it’s tempo, listening to it you couldn’t imagine it being a fast, all out stomper. Instead it feels considered and packs a punch in all of the right places. Go on, get ready, and enjoy!

Check out the guys’ full EP release along with the remixes here.

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8.3Simina Grigoriu – Kokopelli (Pan-Pot Remix)

Simina Grigoriu – Kokopelli (Pan-Pot Remix) NOYZ Audio

We always look forward to new music from Pan-Pot and this latest remix from the guys for Simina Grigoriu doesn’t disappoint!

As always Pan-Pot craft a heavy production that encompasses their unique blend of house and techno to the fullest. They manage to retain a melodic and musical undertone to the remix whilst still keeping the foundation firmly in the underground and we feel this is a big reason why the guys are so successful. It’s a difficult job to make the underground more accessible and very few can do it but we definitely put Pan-Pot in this category. We love the vocal stabs that pitch up and down throughout the track, they build a real intensity before the acid line takes over to bring a trippy feel to the mix. As with most of Pan-Pot’s records you really need to hear them in a huge dark room at a silly time in the morning to really hear just how huge the tracks are and the atmosphere that they create!

As mentioned above the remix is for Berlin based Simina Grigoriu and features the vocal talents of British artist MAMA. The original is the first single from Simina’s album which will be released by Susumu Recordings and the remix package includes another heavyweight in the form of Paul Kalkbrenner. A remix package that any record label would envy! Check Pan-Pot’s remix out below!…..

You can purchase the remix along with the original and Paul Kalkabrenners remix by clicking here

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5.3Dave Brody – Repeat (Hermanez & Massimo Girardi Remix) [Push It Records]

Dave Brody - Repeat (Hermanez & Massimo Girardi Remix) [Push It Records]

Techno Tuesday has a late night ‘Bomb wonder’ in store here at NOYZ!

Hermanez has reoccurred again and again here at NOYZ, and rightfully so down to his relentless production style and how he constantly brings fresh ideas to the table. Michael Coninx AKA Hermanez has refined his skills as a producer since first releasing in 09′. Rolling through his back catalogue you will find the man himself has confidently dabbled with different genres of House and Techno until finding his own groove of Tech-House laden with all the energy of modern day Techno bangers!

His releases have found homes at labels such as Suara, Noir, Kling Klong, and Trapez Ltd. For this remix he teams up with fellow Belgium-born brother in arms, Massimo Girardi. Massimo is a guy who has been in the game for over 2 decades and has a wealth of experience under his belt. Massimo and Michael’s sound are distinct yet comparable at the same time, which is why they have teamed up multiple times both as producers and as DJs.

The track we are bringing you today is their remix of another Belgium native, Dave Brody‘s ‘Repeat’ out now on Push It Records. The track is a thick, tough, minimal take on the original full of white noise fx and live drums. Take note of the haunting organic pads also that scrunch into 8bit digital randomness, this contrast adds something cool to the mix and keeps us guessing, which is probably a good thing at 4am, right?! Anyway, enjoy!

You can purchase the full EP here, check out Dave Brody’s original also as it is a heavy hitting peak time Techno destroyer!

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4.3DJ Boris – 2 Me (Octopus)

DJ Boris 2 Me Octopus NOYZ Audio

We have become accustomed to a constant supply of heavy peak time techno bombs from Sian‘s label Octopus and this latest release from New Yorker DJ Boris certainly sits in that category!

DJ Boris has become somewhat of a legend in techno circles and has held firmly to his roots bringing his unique style of big room electronic music to the U.S long before the EDM craze hit their shores. He has held residencies at the key spots in New York since 2004 including Crobar and Pacha and has since travelled the world picking up a vast and dedicated fan base in the process. We were really impressed by his recent release on SCI+TEC titled New Generation and his debut E.P for Octopus follows on from that perfectly keeping the standard equally as high.

Both tracks are extremely solid but its the lead track titled ’2 Me’ that is the one for us. It’s difficult to take a sample from a classic dance record and make it work and sound credible in an underground track but DJ Boris has nailed it to perfection. The beats are dark and ferocious and give the ideal platform for that huge bassline that just roars throughout the track. Definitely one for the big rooms! We won’t spoil the fun, see if you can guess where that sample is from!….

You can check out the full release on Beatport by clicking here

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28.2WHYT NOYZ – Homewurk EP (Sci+Tec Digital Audio)

WHYT NOYZ - Homewurk EP Artwork

Hey Guys!!!

Well it has been a happy day all round for us here at NOYZ as today marks WHYT NOYZ‘s first official release on Dubfire‘s SCI+TEC Digital Audio! Yes, as of now we are featured in Beatport’s Techno section with a banner to show the EP in all it’s long awaited glory…

Beatport Banner

The headline track is aptly named ‘Homewurk‘. Set almost as an assignment by Dubfire when we met him in Ibiza last Summer, as soon as we got back we wrote this peak time, hypnotic BoMB for him. Check it out!

The second track on the EP is ‘Jack Tha Box‘, a more chunky, drum-based groove with phat, dark vocals to really shock the crowd. Not one to shy away from off beat snares this one is riddled with everything evil and funky! It works when you play it out on a big system for sure! Check it!

Buy the full E.P. featuring 2 DJ tools by clicking here

We have had some amazing feedback by some of the biggest artists in the Underground scene (check out our page to get the lowdown!) and we hope to carry on this trend leading into this crazy season. There are some big gigs on the horizon and more releases set to drop in the coming months, so hopefully this will be the start of a fun year for WHYT NOYZ! We hope to see you soon!

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24.2Patch Park – Paradise In Trouble (Elevate)

Patch Park - Paradise In Trouble NOYZ Audio

NOYZ favourites Pig & Dan recently launched their own label called Elevate. The first release on Elevate was the huge two track E.P fittingly titled ‘Savage’ that stormed up the techno charts whilst receiving support from all the key players in the process. Pig & Dan are on a serious roll at the moment which doesn’t look like slowing down. There is a high output of consistently amazing tracks coming from the guys and if the first two releases on their label are anything to go by we are looking forward to hearing what else they have in store for Elevate!

The second release on the label comes from dutch artist and Fone Audio co owner Patch Park. The E.P feels like a great release to follow ‘Savage’ with its melodic undertones and ferocious low end it really seems like the guys have a solid direction and sound to take the label forwards.

Our pick of the E.P is the lead track titled ‘Paradise In Trouble’. Its a fine track by Patch Park that manages to blend melody and groove to perfection which is something that is difficult to do! Definitely one for the big dark rooms!

Check out a short clip below.

You can buy the release over at Beatport by clicking here

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