30.1Sinisa Tamamovic – Trip To Jungle (Night Light Records)

Sinisa Tamamovic Trip To Jungle Noyz Audio

Sinisa Tamamovic is proving to be one of the most consistent producers in Techno. With a long list of admirers including Dubfire & Richie Hawtin, Sinisa has steadily honed his craft and created a unique stamp that consists of gigantic drums and even bigger bass. His tracks are made for the dancefloor and that is exactly where we want to go when we listen to the track we are featuring today titled “Trip To Jungle”.

In 2012 Sinisa released music on heavyweight labels such as SCI+TEC and Plus 8 but this release sees him return to his own label Night Light Records that he runs with his close friend and fellow Bosnian Mladen Tomic. Night Light is fast becoming one of the biggest labels in Techno and if you take a listen to the back catalogue you will hear why. Every release is consistently strong and these guys really have a solid brand and sound that they are developing with the imprint.

The release is a two track E.P. Both tracks are huge but its “Trip To Jungle” that is the one for us! Check it out below.

You can purchase the full E.P on Beatport by clicking here.

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28.1Gregor Tresher – System X E.P (Drumcode)

Gregor Tresher System X Artwork NOYZ Audio

Gregor Tresher has risen through the ranks to become one of Germanys biggest Techno exports. Since the release of his classic record from 2007 “A Thousand Nights”  he has steadily built a huge fan base that has seen him take his music to all corners of the globe. Gregor has built an enviable discography releasing music on some of the biggest labels in Techno including Cocoon, Ovum and his own imprint Break New Soil. He now continues his long standing relationship with Adam Beyer‘s Drumcode with this monster 4 track E.P titled “System X”

All four tracks are to the high standard we have come to expect from Gregor and Drumcode. The pick for us is the fourth track on the E.P titled “Call To Arms”. The rolling bassline builds intensity throughout the track keeping a constant peak time energy. The atmospheres that swirl around the heavy drums are perfectly placed and provide even more tension to track.

You can check out “Call To Arms” below.

You can stream and purchase the entire E.P at Beatport by clicking here

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25.1Julien Chaptal – Illin (Saved)

Saved Records Logo NOYZ Audio


Nic Fanciulli has built up his Saved Records imprint into one of the most respected and supported labels in underground music. Nic’s talent as a DJ is matched by his ability to discover up and coming artists and also affirm known talent in the Underground scene. This soon becomes evident when you browse the back catalogue of his label, Saved.

The latest release on Saved comes from dutchman Julien Chaptal. As described in his biography Julien is one of the key players of the blossoming Amsterdam music scene. He has forged a solid career releasing on some of the most sought after record labels in Techno including Intacto, 2020Vision and 100% Pure to name a few. This E.P is his first piece of work for Saved and what a way to introduce himself to the label.

Both tracks on the E.P are solid but for us the pick of the two is the second track titled “Illin”. Its a bouncy bomb that is extremely hooky. The bassline provides the bounce whilst the shuffling snares and clever drum fills fit around it to form an inescapable groove. Very nice work Julien!

Check out the track here…

You can listen to and purchase both tracks on Beatport by clicking here.

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24.1Fabio Florido – What We Think E.P (Selected Records)

Fabio Florido Artwork NOYZ Audio

Fabio Florido – What We Think E.P (Selected Records)

We love exposing new talent at NOYZ and we are very happy to bring yet another Italian producer to your attention!. Fabio Florido is the man in question today and he has delivered a BOMB E.P on Selected Records.

We have been keeping our eye on Fabio’s productions for a while and have heard his sound develop and progress with each release. We really feel he has delivered his best work yet with this selection of tracks. The E.P is a well balanced affair which spans from warm up material through to peak time techno.

The lead title track “What We Think” is an atmospheric monster that is made for big, dark and sweaty rooms. It has already received support from Richie Hawtin who obviously agrees with our opinion on Fabio! Then you have “Finger of Yod” and “Rain & Sun” which are slightly more reserved and focussed on the groove but still very dark and enticing none the less. Our pick of the bunch is “Black Dot”. The bassline is infectious whilst the drums really form a solid groove that would keep even the most tired legs moving at 6 am in the morning.

Check out  a clip of Black Sun below.

You can purchase the entire E.P on Beatport by clicking here.

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22.1Fer BR – Can You Hear It (Waveform Recordings)

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 22.48.31

We said back in December that we were excited to hear new music from this young and very talented Spanish producer Fer BR and we are not disappointed!

He returns with a very solid 4 track E.P on Victor Calderone‘s Waveform Recordings. Even in this short space of time you can hear his sound progressing and he is carving out a sound that in our opinion stands up against some of the most respected producers in Techno. You can hear his attention to detail and he creates a great atmosphere and groove throughout the tracks.

We chose the lead track from the E.P titled ‘Can You Heat It” to feature today. You can check it out below but make sure to check the rest of the E.P as the standard is very high throughout all the tracks!

You can purchase the E.P on Beatport by clicking here

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18.1Hollen – Safari (Moan)

Hollen Safari Artwork

Italy really does have a knack for giving birth to some seriously talented producers and Aniello Federico aka Hollen is no exception. This young artist has been releasing music since 2009 but really broke through last year with a string of releases on some of the biggest labels in the underground including Kling Klong, Trapez and Octopus to name just a few. Moan are the latest label to sign up Hollen’s talents and we can see why.

The lead track from the E.P titled ‘Safari’ is huge. The groove is relentless and is a perfect slice of peak time tech house. We have always been impressed with Hollen’s music, his drums really stand out and he has definitely managed to carve out a unique sound that has rightly got the attention of some of techno’s biggest labels and artists including Richie Hawtin, Dubfire and Sian.

Check out the track on Soundcloud below.

You can purchase the full E.P on Beatport by clicking here.

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17.1Ron Costa – Berlidof & Oslo Museum E.P (SCI+TEC)

Ron Costa SCI+TEC E.P Artwork

Ron Costa – Berlidof & Oslo Museum E.P (SCI+TEC)

Ron Costa makes his debut on Dubfire‘s SCI+TEC with this huge E.P.

We have featured many of Rons tracks here at NOYZ and have written about how highly we regard his production. It seems the majority of the techno community agree with us and he is starting to receive the support and recognition that he deserves.

We are really pleased to see him release on SCI+TEC. His raw and atmospheric grooves suit the label perfectly. We are in awe of the low end thump that he manages to create in every track and he definitely has a signature swing that is present throughout all of his tracks.

Both tracks on the E.P are absolute bombs so it seems rude to post only one. After all more techno is good right? Especially when its Ron Costa techno!

You can stream both of the tracks below.

You can purchase the full release on Beatport by clicking here.

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14.1Alli Borem – Main Theme (Root50 Music) Free Download!!

One of NOYZ‘ favourite, Italian Techno Stalion Alli Borem. Here at NOYZ we have featured Alli before, this is down to his unique sound and up front Tech-House and Techno tracks that make waves through any club dance floor. Alli’s label Root50 hosts this latest track that he is giving away on free download!

Thick analogue beats with that certain groove that Mr Borem is able to manifest effortlessly. This is a New Year’s reminder for Underground Music heads to realise what the head honcho has it store for Root50′s horizons in 2013.

For this track Alli leans more towards his House roots keeping the groove live and loose with his trademark funky drums and well known 808 samples. He loses his audience in clever breakdowns, effected vocals, and delays, almost to a point where you feel uncertain of where the track has gone, and then… Bang! Straight back into Italian funk with an energy and a vibe that will keep everyone grooving all night long!


Download the track here

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9.1Artist Interview – Reset Robot

Reset Robot Press Shot NOYZ

We are really excited to welcome Reset Robot to NOYZ for an artist interview. Since Reset Robots first release in 2009 his productions have seen consistent support from the kings of the underground and fans alike. He bought a fresh twist to techno and has maintained his unique edge ever since. When you look through his wide discography you can see just how much respect he has in the underground community with releases on some of the most favoured labels in the world. He has also built up a very solid live reputation and has toured the globe taking his music to all corners of the globe.

Hey Dave, Thanks for taking part in this interview, we are very honoured to have you grace our pages!

1. How did the concept for Reset Robot come together and what was your vision for the project?

I was writing under my name Dave Robertson for about 6 years (from 2003 – 2009). I felt my sound was changing gradually and it got to the point where I felt I needed to start an alias or my music wasn’t going to be heard by the right people. The vision was definitely for the Reset Robot stuff to be more techno orientated but as I’ve progressed my sound has slowed down and become a bit deeper.

2. You have released music on some of the most respected and followed record labels in underground electronic music. Is there any reason you choose to release your music across different labels than having one main home?

I didn’t really have a vision with regards to what labels I wanted to release on when I started. I just sent out some tracks and people started passing them around and a few things clicked into place. The Sci + Tec release was the real catalyst. Alan Fitzpatrick had passed the tracks onto Ali and it went from there. I think I released on too many labels when I first started the RR project. Things are better now. I release on Truesoul which is a great home for me and Intacto. 2 solid labels that are run very well.

3. What are the main challenges that you face living as a touring DJ and producer?

Well, I don’t actually tour that much compared to some people but the traveling can be a real killer. Sometimes you have to go straight to a club after flying long haul which can be very hard. Nothing a Vodka & Red Bull won’t sort out though!! Its mainly sleep based challenges. Finishing your set and having to go straight to an airport or only having 1 hour sleep before flying or moving on. It’s all worth it if the gigs are good!!


7.1Sable Sheep – His Betrayal (Be As One)

Sable Sheep returns to Be As One with his third E.P on the label titled “My Onslaught”. The E.P is scheduled for release on the 21st January.

As usual from Be As One Records, the release delivers. Here at NOYZ we have a lot of admiration for Shlomi Aber and we are definitely not alone. He has built up a vast following of passionate fans who subscribe to his unique style of Techno. This style has transcended into his label which has become widely recognised as one of the most forward thinking imprints in underground electronic music.

Sable Sheep appears to be building a strong relationship with Be As One and we can see why. His style suits the label and you can instantly hear a talented musician and producer behind his tracks. There is to be an air of mystery around the German producer; something that keeps us guessing and excites us to see what else he has in store for the future. If his first three releases on this label are anything to go by then we can expect some incredible music to come!

All four tracks on the E.P are solid but the pick of the bunch for us is this peak-time techno tool titled “His Betrayal”. The signature Sable Sheep groove is supported by a interesting percussive lead that makes the track bounce. You may think it’s impossible to fall in love with a snare drum, well we have news for you…

Judge for yourself…

Keep your eye out for the full release on Beatport on the 21st January.


Sable Sheep’s first release on Be As One entitled “Painting My Fur” was one of our top tracks last year and always evoked a huge reaction. Check it out below or buy it on Beatport by clicking here

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