Simina Grigoriu – Kokopelli (Pan-Pot Remix) NOYZ Audio

We always look forward to new music from Pan-Pot and this latest remix from the guys for Simina Grigoriu doesn’t disappoint!

As always Pan-Pot craft a heavy production that encompasses their unique blend of house and techno to the fullest. They manage to retain a melodic and musical undertone to the remix whilst still keeping the foundation firmly in the underground and we feel this is a big reason why the guys are so successful. It’s a difficult job to make the underground more accessible and very few can do it but we definitely put Pan-Pot in this category. We love the vocal stabs that pitch up and down throughout the track, they build a real intensity before the acid line takes over to bring a trippy feel to the mix. As with most of Pan-Pot’s records you really need to hear them in a huge dark room at a silly time in the morning to really hear just how huge the tracks are and the atmosphere that they create!

As mentioned above the remix is for Berlin based Simina Grigoriu and features the vocal talents of British artist MAMA. The original is the first single from Simina’s album which will be released by Susumu Recordings and the remix package includes another heavyweight in the form of Paul Kalkbrenner. A remix package that any record label would envy! Check Pan-Pot’s remix out below!…..

You can purchase the remix along with the original and Paul Kalkabrenners remix by clicking here

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