zulu ep

WHYT NOYZ – Zulu EP (KD Music)

Hey guys!!

Out today is our EP for our good friends Frederic and Patrick otherwise known as Kaiserdisco! The EP consists of three tracks: Zulu, Merkle, and The Fox Is Back. These were all tracks that had taken us time to produce, things weren’t quite clicking and with Merkle especially we were even up to “Merkle V9″ (version 9)! Sometimes that’s just the way it is when producing. We came back to them as we knew their ideas were interesting enough to persue. This got me thinking, distinguishing a bad idea is just as important as coming up with a new one. Refine the sound instead of adding more to the mix! Once Carlo Lio told us “Less is mo’.”

We are humbled to have music out on KD Music and it is a testament to the guys in taking us on and seeing potential in our sound! The track we are choosing today is the one that took the longest to finalize, it was literally a test of will and eventually finishing it became a bit of a blur! That track is without a doubt, Merkle! Hope you like it…

If anyone is in Milan this Friday we are playing at Top Town Club. Excited to road test some other new tracks also, so if you like what you hear then come and find us!

You can hear and buy the rest of the Zulu EP by clicking here!

Thanks for your continued support!