20.5Artist Interview – Saso Recyd

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Artist Interview – Saso Recyd

Today guys we bring you an artist that has graced the pages of NOYZ many times thanks to his ground breaking productions and fresh approach to making ass-shaking Techno. He is part of the first wave of electronic music producers from his native Macedonia and has had his ear to the ground from the early days of Chicago House and Detroit Techno. Ladies and gentlemen strap in for our one to one with the incredible Saso Recyd!


1. Hey Saso, great to have you here at NOYZ, how are things going with you?

Hello, and thank you for having me. It’s always busy with me, doing different things at once, and always hard to decide on what to work on next. But all is good, and things come up as they should.


2. So you are a native of Macedonia’s city Bitola, what was the music scene like when you were growing up?

I was lucky to start listening to House and Detroit Techno since the beginning, following it from the start. And at that time everyone was curious about this music. We had a great scene, till this day it has it’s ups and downs like in every other part of the world.


3. Take us back to when you first started making music, what was your set up back then and what sounds/genres/artists inspired you?

It was long time ago, late 80′s I think I was 13/14 I was interested in Rap and Hip House (NWA, Public Enemy, Erik B. & Rakim) watching MTV and wondering how the music was made, I thought all you needed were turntables! I did not have anything released until I meet Ilija, we worked as “Xavier Acid” with a couple of albums behind us till 1996. After that I started solo.

I was inspired by Detroit Techno, and artists like Richie Hawtin, Green Velvet, Dave Clarke, Robert Hood, Dave Angel, Daniel Bell

4. How has your setup changed from then to now both from a production and a performance perspective?

Back then, I had Amstrad computer and had some music trackers, after that I had an Atari with better programs, I loved to experiment on those.

Later I tried all kind of different programs, Cubase, Reason, but I loved Fruity loops when the first one came out. I was never into hardware because I couldn’t afford it. First monitors I got in 2009, before that I used anything to hear sound, it was hard to work, but doing it this way helped me learn about frequencies, the wave shapes, and now just by waveform I can tell what the sound is, I can hear it in my mind. I like Ableton, but i’m in love with Logic now.


5. What’s the best piece of advice that you could give to young, up and coming producers?

Avoid samples packs. Start from scratch. Experiment with sounds. Create sound – reshape it – create something new from that, build your banks. Always make something different. Don’t force it to be released. Don’t stick to one genre. But, don’t make trance! hahaha


6. What does your life consist of? Do you have any interests outside of music?

I have a lot of interest in graphic design. I am working on the covers for Rawthentic Music, Inmotion Music and Grammafoon Recordings. Oh and i love watching funny videos in the morning or before bed, i call it click therapy.


7. Musically you are striving forward in what seems to be this fresh line of techno infused with tech-house grooves and feel, could you tell us a little more about that?

I can never tell what I am making, I want the music to have that simple groove but with lot’s of energy. If it moves me then it’s ok. Not one song i have made is the same as other. I keep everything I have made since 1997 and sometimes when i listen to those projects I think, ‘how did I come up with that?’. Combining everything you like and without rules you can surprise yourself by what you can do. And its the same when I DJ.


8. You have had some great releases on some major labels such as RawthenticInmotion Music, Plus8, Definitive Recordings, Local Music, and Minus 12. Our favourite one most recently is your remix of Arjun Vagale‘s ‘Consumed’ released on the always cool, Trapez. Can you give us any information about future releases from you that we should keep our eye out for?

There are EP’s that I am finishing for: Inmotion music, Sci+Tec, Blackflag recordings. And some remixes that I’ve done for Time Has Changed, Grammafoon recordings, and Walk&Talk records.


9. What is your favourite party or club that you have played at so far?

Studio 80” was special for me, what a great club. Then “Sektor 909” and “Kapan An” in Skopje and “Lektira Kabare” in Bitola.


10. Finally, we are going to the bar, what can we get you to drink?

Vodka, Beer or Multivitamin juice at home.


Thank you so much for the time Saso, we here at NOYZ love your fresh sound and wish you all the best in the future!!

Thank you.


Checkout Saso’s exclusive Podcast for us below!

You can also checkout Saso’s HUGE discography from 2006 to present day spanning through electronica and Techno by clicking here!

As always support the artist and share the music!


18.3Label Spotlight – Rawthentic Music

Rawthentic Music NOYZ Audio

We are really pleased to welcome Carlo Lio‘s Rawthentic Music for our latest Label Spotlight at NOYZ. Carlo kindly took the time out ahead of the latest release on the label by Bimas to answer our questions and give us an insight into what the future holds for the fledgling imprint.

Hey Carlo, First of all, thank you for taking part in our label spotlight feature here at NOYZ. As you have probably seen from the site we are huge fans of your music and Rawthentic so its a great honour to have you grace our pages!

No problem! Thanks for the support!

1. Rawthentic was created in 2005 by Nathan and Jason Borato. You soon joined forces with the brothers. How did that partnership come about?

Well Nathan was one of my fav djs and still is. I used to go watch him back in the day before I even had my first gig. We became really close over the years and shortly after he started Rawthentic I was thinking about doing the label thing to as well. So thats when he asked me to jump on board and I did.

2. How would you explain the musical direction of Rawthentic and how do you think that has developed over time?

Well Rawthentic I feel really sticks to it’s guns. Especially over the past 3 or 4 years where I feel it has really came into its sound. It def. emphasizes on the word RAW and the music bleads it. Nitty Gritty stripped down chuggy sexy dark hypnotic house & techno and everything in between.

3. You must receive a lot of demos. What advice can you give to producers who would like to get their music signed to Rawthentic?

 We do receive TONS of demos and its absolutely impossible to listen to the all. The best thing I can say to these new cats who are looking to be on the label is “Listen to the Label” then decide if you fit or not. It would make all of our lives much easier. 97% of the demos really dont fit, and its something every artist should know when sending music to any label.

4. You have obviously kept a consistent release schedule with over 70 releases so far. What have been the biggest challenges facing the label over the last 7 years?

 Well I would def say the biggest challenge for the label is myself. My career is obviously my priority so having to focus on that sometimes takes away from the label. With all the touring and gigs its not easy to give RAW the full focus I want to. But this is def changed and now with some help the label will get the full attention it deserves and we are pushing extra strong from here on out!

5. We noticed that you still sell your releases on vinyl. Do you do this for every release and what are your thoughts on Vinyl as a format moving into the future?

 We do not do this for every release. The vinyl world is still a diff ball game compared to the digital world. Theres artist that you see sell tons on beatport but wouldnt sell much on vinyl. As for the future of vinyl. I can only see it getting better. It never died as people say it did. Maybe went down hill for a minute but it never left us. I still have the warm feeling inside when holding my own release on a record and i think many feel the same way.

6. What are your thoughts on piracy from a labels perspective and do feel that the problem is worsening?

 My thoughts are simple. IT REALLY SUCKS!! But I am a realist and I know there is nothing that can be done about it. It is what it is and i dont let that problem get in head. Its a shame because we all work so hard as producers and put in obscene amounts of time to give people our art and within minutes have it online for free, but again; the issue it to out of hand. I dont know how much worse it can get but I def dont see it getting much better.

7. How do you find the time to manage running the label whilst also touring the world and having your own individual release schedule?

 Yea I sometimes ask myself the same thing. Up until a few months ago I was doing all this myself. Needless to say its been everything but easy. But I love the label and I love this game and thats what it really comes down to. I make time.

8. What are your plans for the future for Rawthentic?

Growing the label is def always the goal. But eventually I would  like to start with Rawthentic Parties when the time is right and the label has reached that level. But my main goal is to keep releasing quality music I love and the RAW followers love.

9. Can you give us any information about future releases and any new producers that you are working with that we should look out for?

 Some artists you will see upcoming on the label are / Figuera & Obando, Technasia, Onno, Bimas, The Junkies, Myself, Saso Recyd Clio.

As for myself I have some new things up on Mindshake, Scitec, Saved, Rawthentic … but there will be much more.. Now I am finally back in the studio, so that list should grow :)

10. This is probably the most difficult question of all but is there one particular Rawthentic release that is your favourite?

Def a diff Question but i would have to say my fav release is Clio – Your Eyes w/ Leon remix. Just cant get enough of it.

Thanks again Carlo!

Check out the latest release on Rawthentic by the very talented Bimas. A very solid E.P with two strong remixes from Onno and Nikola Gala.

You can purchase the entire E.P over at Beatport by clicking here

9.1Artist Interview – Reset Robot

Reset Robot Press Shot NOYZ

We are really excited to welcome Reset Robot to NOYZ for an artist interview. Since Reset Robots first release in 2009 his productions have seen consistent support from the kings of the underground and fans alike. He bought a fresh twist to techno and has maintained his unique edge ever since. When you look through his wide discography you can see just how much respect he has in the underground community with releases on some of the most favoured labels in the world. He has also built up a very solid live reputation and has toured the globe taking his music to all corners of the globe.

Hey Dave, Thanks for taking part in this interview, we are very honoured to have you grace our pages!

1. How did the concept for Reset Robot come together and what was your vision for the project?

I was writing under my name Dave Robertson for about 6 years (from 2003 – 2009). I felt my sound was changing gradually and it got to the point where I felt I needed to start an alias or my music wasn’t going to be heard by the right people. The vision was definitely for the Reset Robot stuff to be more techno orientated but as I’ve progressed my sound has slowed down and become a bit deeper.

2. You have released music on some of the most respected and followed record labels in underground electronic music. Is there any reason you choose to release your music across different labels than having one main home?

I didn’t really have a vision with regards to what labels I wanted to release on when I started. I just sent out some tracks and people started passing them around and a few things clicked into place. The Sci + Tec release was the real catalyst. Alan Fitzpatrick had passed the tracks onto Ali and it went from there. I think I released on too many labels when I first started the RR project. Things are better now. I release on Truesoul which is a great home for me and Intacto. 2 solid labels that are run very well.

3. What are the main challenges that you face living as a touring DJ and producer?

Well, I don’t actually tour that much compared to some people but the traveling can be a real killer. Sometimes you have to go straight to a club after flying long haul which can be very hard. Nothing a Vodka & Red Bull won’t sort out though!! Its mainly sleep based challenges. Finishing your set and having to go straight to an airport or only having 1 hour sleep before flying or moving on. It’s all worth it if the gigs are good!!


17.12Label Spotlight – Octopus Recordings

 We are very excited to welcome one of our favourite labels to NOYZ for our first label spotlight. Octopus Recordings has gone from strength to strength in 2012 after being spearheaded by its label boss and much respected producer in his own right, Sian.

Sian is currently on an extensive tour of the U.S and Australia and he kindly took the time out to take part in this interview.

Hey Sian, we at NOYZ are huge fans of your music and the music you put out on Octopus, Thanks very much for taking the time out to do a label spotlight for us!

No problem. Thanks for inviting me!

1. You launched Octopus Records in 2007. What made you want to start the label and how did you come up with the name?

Well originally it was just a small limited edition label, releases once every 6 months or less, and 2 years ago I took it over and began seriously focusing on regular releases. As with most interesting labels, it was created to be a home for music that didn’t fit anywhere else, we were making dark, clubby, big room or peak time tracks that had unusual production techniques and a similar vibe, so I felt a platform to launch this type of sound, with its special look and feel, was essential. The name is basically a symbol of adventure for me, seeing these nimble amazing animals in the wild in the Mediterranean as a kid, and being stunned by their almost supernatural powers and behaviour, the word fits perfectly.

2. The first release on Octopus was an original E.P by yourself titled Flood E.P and it featured a fantastic remix by the mighty Gui Borrato. A very impressive remixer for your first release! How did that come about?

Yes it was very generous and typical of Gui, he is a genuine music lover and just liked the track a lot. We had met and talked a lot,and his attitude and knowledge made him number one choice to launch the label, that gave us a nice start. Also it was just before he really blew up, which is something I always try to do, spot new talent rising.

3. How would you explain the musical direction of Octopus and how has it evolved since the label began?

It’s always been about specific sounding tracks, ranging from dubbier and chugging tracks right up to full force slammers. This has evolved into a more precise vision of club sounding stuff. It’s all about what I play in clubs actually, within my spectrum of taste, a true mystery ride!! Any track that hits me hard and makes me think of an atmosphere will get my interest. If you look back at our catalogue I guess you can see these are all tracks aimed right at the dance floor.


3.12Artist Interview & Podcast – Joran Van Pol

Today we are welcoming our good friend Joran Van Pol for our first artist interview at NOYZ. 2012 has been an incredible year for this young dutch artist. A release on Minus12 for Richie Hawtin’s New Horizons compilation was followed up with key support from Dubfire. Both Richie and Dubfire opened up their sets at Awakenings with Joran’s track “Faded”. 2013 promises even greater things for Joran so lets see if we can get any clues as to what he has planned…..

1. Hey Joran, First of all thank you for being our first interview here at NOYZ! We also wanted to thank you for looking after us in Amsterdam! Have you fully recovered from ADE yet?

You’re welcome! Yes, ADE is always quite intense but each year it’s great. Industry people from all over the world are in Amsterdam that week. So it’s a perfect opportunity to meet new people and maintain existing connections, especially with people who you don’t see every day. Last year, for example, I met Richie Hawtin for the first time after we first got in touch via e-mail.

2. It must be an incredible feeling to be receiving support from two of the biggest legends in techno, Richie Hawtin and Dubfire. Can you explain to us what this means to you as an artist?

Incredible is indeed the right word, I am extremely fortunate to receive such intensive support from both of them simultaneously. I mean, as an artist in the field I am in, receiving support from either one of them is already amazing, and now they support me both! I wouldn’t have dared to dream about this just a year ago… Dubfire and Richie supporting me has opened a lot of doors that would have remained closed otherwise.

3. You have a great foundation to move forward with your career now, what have you got planned for the future in terms of releases and your own development?

There are always loads of plans in my head, it’s always a challenge of time and opportunity to realize them. In terms of releases I have an EP ready for SCI+TEC that is supposed to come out first half of 2013. I am also receiving a lot of questions about when “Faded” is going to be released. I am happy to say it is going to be released early 2013, but I can’t give more details than that at the moment. There is a lot in the pipeline for 2013 actually, not only in terms of releases, but I can’t say too much about that at the moment. (more…)