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Today we are welcoming our good friend Joran Van Pol for our first artist interview at NOYZ. 2012 has been an incredible year for this young dutch artist. A release on Minus12 for Richie Hawtin’s New Horizons compilation was followed up with key support from Dubfire. Both Richie and Dubfire opened up their sets at Awakenings with Joran’s track “Faded”. 2013 promises even greater things for Joran so lets see if we can get any clues as to what he has planned…..

1. Hey Joran, First of all thank you for being our first interview here at NOYZ! We also wanted to thank you for looking after us in Amsterdam! Have you fully recovered from ADE yet?

You’re welcome! Yes, ADE is always quite intense but each year it’s great. Industry people from all over the world are in Amsterdam that week. So it’s a perfect opportunity to meet new people and maintain existing connections, especially with people who you don’t see every day. Last year, for example, I met Richie Hawtin for the first time after we first got in touch via e-mail.

2. It must be an incredible feeling to be receiving support from two of the biggest legends in techno, Richie Hawtin and Dubfire. Can you explain to us what this means to you as an artist?

Incredible is indeed the right word, I am extremely fortunate to receive such intensive support from both of them simultaneously. I mean, as an artist in the field I am in, receiving support from either one of them is already amazing, and now they support me both! I wouldn’t have dared to dream about this just a year ago… Dubfire and Richie supporting me has opened a lot of doors that would have remained closed otherwise.

3. You have a great foundation to move forward with your career now, what have you got planned for the future in terms of releases and your own development?

There are always loads of plans in my head, it’s always a challenge of time and opportunity to realize them. In terms of releases I have an EP ready for SCI+TEC that is supposed to come out first half of 2013. I am also receiving a lot of questions about when “Faded” is going to be released. I am happy to say it is going to be released early 2013, but I can’t give more details than that at the moment. There is a lot in the pipeline for 2013 actually, not only in terms of releases, but I can’t say too much about that at the moment.

4. We had such an amazing time in Amsterdam and were really taken back by how great the people were. We are actually quite jealous that you are dutch and we are not! ha, seriously though the scene feels really alive and the city has such a great vibe. How does it feel to be close to that scene and being a part of moving it forward?

It is amazing to be part of Amsterdam’s vibrant scene. It is in the Dutch nature to import and export things, it is the same in terms of sound. In Amsterdam you’ll find sounds that you also find in Berlin, London and other cities. It is this diversity that makes the Amsterdam scene so strong and great, because there is always something new and interesting going on. In terms of techno and house, the scene is definitely driven forward by clubs like Studio 80 and Trouw, which have superb line-ups each week. That also represents a minor downside, people are so used all the great things going on each week, that they may be less hungry compared to other cities. Then again, it requires the DJ’s to work harder and master their skill better.

5. You realised a dream of techno artists all over the world by playing with Joop Junior alongside Richie, Dubfire and Loco Dice at Awakenings. It may be a stupid question but is there any way you could put into words how that felt?

Like you said, it’s a dream come true. Actually, multiple dreams came true that night, not only to play at Awakenings alongside so many of my heroes, it was also great to be part of the Amsterdam Dance Event (I’ve been visiting the festival for years) and also to be part of an ENTER.international night. I would have never thought I’d get this opportunity so early on in my career. Playing at the Gashouder (called the ‘techno temple’ by some), is really a special experience. Its vibe is really industrial (it’s an old gas-silo) and fits techno perfectly. On top of that the awakenings production is of a super high standard, the sound is really loud and good, the light show amazing and the fireworks are phenomenal. Also the crowd at Awakenings is always totally up for it. You could really notice that during our set, we had the warm up slot from 22.00 till 00.30, but already before 00.00 the room was quite full and by the end of our set they were really going for it. So I am super satisfied with how that went. Also nice to see loads of familiar faces there, I knew everyone on the line-up personally (except for Loco Dice), so that makes the night a bit extra fun.

6. You have set the bar high with that gig but is there anywhere else in the world that is at the top of your list to play?

With Awakenings I definitely made my list a bit shorter, but there are still loads of places I dream of playing. Very high on my list is Space on Ibiza, some of the other clubs on my list are Cocorico in Rimini, Italy, Womb in Tokyo, Japan, Watergate in Berlin, Germany and Fabric in London, UK. In terms of festivals I hope to once play at TimeWarp, Monegros and Exit festival. This is just a fraction of my list haha, but I hope to realize this sooner or later. I’m working hard on it and we’ll see where I end up.

7. You and Joop had a LOT of equipment at Awakenings and you both seem to be at the cutting edge of the technology that is available to DJ’s at this time, can you explain to us why you feel its important to utilise this technology and maybe give us some more information on your set up?

Yeah our set-up at Awakenings was quite complex, because we basically linked both our four deck set-ups linked together. I am currently using an Allen & Heath X:one 92, two Native Instruments X1, a Native Instruments F1 and a Boss DD-3 delay. In Traktor I usually utilize deck A/B/C for playing back tracks and deck D as a remix deck for all sorts of supplements (loops, one shots, etc.). I am currently thinking about upgrading my setup with ableton and some special routings, but I am still experimenting with that.

I think its always important to move forward in terms of technology and do new things and challenge yourself as an artist. Technology essential to techno, it is one of the drivers that has been pushing techno forward for years. I love playing vinyl, but at some point felt that there was an entire world beyond to explore. A setup like the one I am using, really allows you to take control and shape your own sound.

8. Not only are you our first interview here at NOYZ but also our first Podcast! We must really love you! and we do! Can you give us a brief overview of the podcast and maybe some of the established and up and coming producers that are included in it?

In the podcast I tried to feature a variety of sounds that I play throughout different sets, some stuff is more groovy, other things are more minimal or techno. The podcast features tracks from Sinisa Tamamovic, Alberto Pascual, Figueroa & Obando, Click Box, MiniCoolBoyz, SHADED, Tom Middleton, Julian Jeweil, WHYT NOYZ, Schubert and Ambivalent.

Normally I play a lot of unreleased stuff in my sets, I get sent lots of unreleased stuff by my New Horizons buddies Joop Junior, Justin James and WHYT NOYZ, occasionally some stuff from SRA and Nsound as well. I also receive quite some music from starting producers, I try to give them feedback and help them improve their production as I believe feedback is essential in growing as a producer. For example The Spaniard is sending me a lot of his stuff lately, it’s pretty good, but if he is able to take his productions one step further then his tracks become really good. So I try to give guys like him the feedback they need to take it to the next level.

9. What advice would you give to up and coming producers?

Something that took me a long time to learn is how to apply artistic vision to my records. As an artist I think you should spend time to think about what you’re about as an artist and then translate that vision into music. This also means you have to make choices, if something sounds cool but doesn’t fit into your vision, well, maybe you should decide not to use it.

Also, be persistent. The road to becoming a good producer is often one with many difficulties and frustration. I wish somebody told me early on that it takes time to become really good. Nobody started out making a first record that immediately becomes a huge success. No matter how overnight some artists seem to pop up, there are always years of hard work involved. When you start sending out your music, be prepared for rejection, it is going to happen a lot. The point is, keep working, and work hard. The only way to improve your productions is to make a lot of them. When the time is right, success will find its way to you. I spent years making and sending out demo’s to loads of people, never heard anything back. The first person to ever to respond to a demo was Richie Hawtin. That basically proves that anything can happen as long as you don’t give up.

10. Thank you again for the interview, finally we are going to the bar, what are you drinking?

Thanks for having me! Well, that depends on if I am playing afterwards, since I usually don’t drink before going on stage. Assuming I am not I am always in for Sake, but since they don’t usually have Sake in regular bars, we’ll have to go for the Vodka.

You can head over to the Podcast section to check out Jorans awesome podcast but you can also check it out below.

You can follow Joran using the links below.


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