Matador - Zoles

Matador – Zoles E.P (Minus)

So after a little hiatus from the reviews whilst we wrote a LOT of new music we thought what better way to return than with a review from our pal Gav Matador with his latest release on home label Minus.

After a long summer season touring the worlds biggest festivals with Richie Hawtin and Ibiza’s hottest club night Enter, Matador was clearly feeling inspired to deliver an E.P to the label that has given him the platform he deserves.

The E.P is trademark Matador. Dark synth lines laden over growling basslines and ferocious beats. He certainly knows how to create strong hooks in his tracks. We feel the sign of a good producer is when listening to a track you can tell who produced it without having to look at the track title! Matador definitely has a knack for that as his tracks are quickly identifiable, he just seems to have crafted a unique sound, a hard thing to do in todays times.

Our pick of the 5 track E.P is lead track “Zoles” but it’s a tough one to call! Make up your own mind and check out the full E.P below.

You can purchase the full E.P on Beatport by clicking here.

Keep checking back on these pages as you may see another release on Minus on December 9th that you may like!